eTail West 2017 (past event)

February 27-March 02, 2017


Day 2: The Digital Revolution - Your Next Steps

Networking Breakfast & Registration

07:30 AM - 08:00 AM Networking Breakfast & Registration

08:00 AM - 08:15 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Buddy Brewer, SVP, Products, SOASTA


Buddy Brewer

SVP, Products

08:15 AM - 08:40 AM Keynote: Disrupting The Fashion Industry Through Technology

Traci Inglis, CMO, Techstyle Fashion Group


Traci Inglis

Techstyle Fashion Group
The first step to well executed and ROI-driven digital programs is internal alignment. Our digital leaders, Presidents, CEOs and C-level executives hone in on the ways that they’ve championed revenue-driving eCommerce initiatives within their organizations, from catalogers to online-only companies to manufacturers. Learn how to create a cultural evolution at your company.

Being a champion of digital change throughout your organization

Becoming nimble and agile to meet changing customer expectations

Advocating around digital initiatives to delighting customers, solving problems, and driving real business results

Neeraj Tolmare

VP - Head of Digital Transformation & IT Applications
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Bruce Valk

Silver Star Brands

John Tabis

Founder & CEO
The Bouqs Company

Katherine Rizzuto

VP, Retail Client Development
Oracle Data Cloud

09:10 AM - 09:30 AM Keynote: The Evolving Mobile Reality

Vish Shastry, VP, Visa Digital Products, Visa
Digital Commerce is being reshaped on a daily basis, with implications for you and your business. By understanding trends that are changing consumer behavior and applying strategies better suited to the evolving mobile reality, you can drive more customers, build loyal customers and grow your bottom line.

Vish Shastry

VP, Visa Digital Products

09:30 AM - 09:55 AM Keynote: A Retailer’s Path To Digitalization

Chau Banks, EVP, CIO and Channel Integration, New York & Company
Chau will provide insight in to planning and budgeting for Digital Initiatives. Hear about early results of testing in-store digital technology and NY&Co.’s roadmap for advancing digital in the Retail Environment. New York and Company is focused on pursuing digital initiatives that connect with current and new customers across all selling channels through increased investments in Digital Marketing and New Technology.

• Optimizing Strengths and Complements across Channels

• Benchmarking the Digitalization Maturity Model

• Organizing for a Culture of Innovation


Chau Banks

EVP, CIO and Channel Integration
New York & Company

09:55 AM - 10:25 AM KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Evolving Role Of The CIO: The New vs. The Old

Eduardo Frias, CIO, Beachbody Anishiya Taneja, CEO & Founder, Icon
This keynote session is all about role that IT plays in the success of your retail business. It is crucial that there is alignment across departments, as they are foundational to eCommerce. We’ll look at the way that the role of CIOs has changed as the role of eCommerce changes within organizations, and how advances in technology is powering these changes.

Adopting new thinking around the role of the CIO as it changes (aligning with marketing and eComm, customer experience, revenue growth opportunities)

Working with internal digital and eCommerce teams to evaluate potential partners, rate negotiations, and train staff on project management

Sourcing and distributing accurate customer data to assist in marketing programs

Looking at the way that technology is revitalizing how you think about digital retail

Examining the future of retail technology and opportunities to capitalize on them


Eduardo Frias


Anishiya Taneja

CEO & Founder

10:25 AM - 11:10 AM Brunch Bites Break & Games In The Exhibit Hall

The super-Instagrammed Donut Wall is back for your sugary sweet snack! But there’s more: enjoy the 3 B’s: brunch bites, bellinis, and Bailey’s Irish Coffee during this networking session.

11:10 AM - 11:30 AM Keynote: Can Your Brand Win vs Amazon?

Peter Cobb, Co-Founder & EVP, eBags
Today almost every retailer is feeling the competitive effects of Amazon. The digital transformation is radically changing the customer buying patterns globally. The day of the super store is facing head winds that will translate to closings and consolidations. Landlords are converting space to medical facilities, gyms, food stores and services, and many malls are simply shutting down. The pricing transparency and dynamic models make it impossible for both the vendors and retailers to remain profitable. These are the challenges facing the industry, and the same tactics used in the growth periods are simply are not driving traffic to the stores. Mike Edwards, Former CEO at Borders and current CEO of eBags will use the Borders chapter 11 outcome as a case study to answer the following questions:
What can we learn from Borders and other retail brands that have failed over the last ten years?

How does taking a mobile first approach impact the retail landscape?

What are the transformational strategies retailers are deploying to stay relevant?


Peter Cobb

Co-Founder & EVP
What do top online retailers and disruptors have in common? They know how to iterate and innovate. This panel focuses on leaders in truly disruptive retail experiences, walking through how they’ve become so dominate in their verticals.

Defining and outlining your growth story

Determining what success looks like in today’s market

Owning customer experiences within your vertical

Examining technology to support your growth strategies

Learning what types of experiences truly win customers

Ben Jones

The Honest Company

John Theiss

SVP, Retail & Brand Solutions

Michelle Lam

Co-Founder and CEO
True & Co.

Jeff Steeves

Vice President of Marketing
Rue La La

12:00 PM - 12:25 PM Keynote: 5 Key Marketing Trends for 2017

Jodi Wearn, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager - IBM, Watson Marketing, IBM
Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. To put that into perspective, 90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone - and with new devices, sensors and technologies emerging, the data growth rate will likely accelerate even more. Is it any wonder that many marketers feel overwhelmed? Still, capturing this data and making sense of it so you can better understand your customers and build stronger connections with them is absolutely necessary for success in 2017 and beyond. The challenge is that today's customers increasingly expect companies to know them and cater to their likes, needs, wants and preferences with every interaction.

The good news is that technological innovations are opening up incredible new opportunities for marketers to evolve their strengths and employ smarter tactics to better connect with customers. We'll take a look at 5 key marketing trends for 2017 - ranging across channels, technologies and strategies - that will help you stay ahead of the shifts that are rapidly transforming the industry.


Jodi Wearn

Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager - IBM
Watson Marketing, IBM

12:25 PM - 12:45 PM Keynote: Innovating Business Engagement

Zubair Murtaza, VP, eCommerce Product Management and Customer Experience, Staples
Meet Jackie. She manages the office. She is incredibly busy, having to handle scheduling, supplies, facilities, to-do lists, tech equipment…and fixing breakdowns. She is THE person that everyone in the office goes to and she needs help with her chaotic work day. To serve as the “extra set of hands” at the beck-and-call of Jackie, Staples is taking the iconic “Easy Button” and bringing it to life as a literal physical button, or a virtual button, you can talk to. The bot will use context to help solve Jackie’s problems: find the right solution, route for approval, or pull in a live expert. Zubair Murtaza, Vice President of eCommerce Product & Customer Experience, will discuss how the company is leveraging AI and Bots to become “the assistant” for Jackie. Zubair will also talk about how data science is powering engagement at Staples, combining the website, bots, and live experts, to help Jackie look like a hero.


Zubair Murtaza

VP, eCommerce Product Management and Customer Experience

12:45 PM - 1:10 PM GUEST SPEAKER Fireside Chat: Creating Something From Nothing

Randy Adams, CTO, Estify
We are honored to have Randy Adams, creator of the first eCommerce site, sharing his stories of Silicon Valley’s beginnings, as a guest speaker at eTail. He has worked with the likes of Steve Jobs, mentored Barry Diller, he even admits to foregoing invests in companies such as Yahoo. He’ll share how to infuse an entrepreneurial spirit into everything that you do as an eCommerce executive in this keynote presentation.

Randy Adams


General Attendee Lunch

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM Meet & Greet Lunch

Private Lunch

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM PRIVATE LUNCH Hosted By ContentSquare

Private Lunch

1:10 PM - 2:10 PM PRIVATE LUNCH Hosted By Albert

Track A: Conversion Optimization & How To Beat Amazon

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Ron Pereira, Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Retail / CG, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Ron Pereira

Sr. Director, Product Marketing - Retail / CG
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Track B: Usability, Testing & User Experience Optimization

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Craig Smith, Founder & CEO, Trinity Insight

Craig Smith

Founder & CEO
Trinity Insight

Track C: Brand Innovation, Brand Marketing & Creative

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Efrat Ravid, CMO, Contentsquare

Efrat Ravid


Track D: Content & Personalization

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Tom Wild, Chief Product Officer, Cxense


Tom Wild

Chief Product Officer

Track E: Mobile and Social

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Mario Ciabarra, CEO, Quantum Metric

Mario Ciabarra

Quantum Metric

Track F: Career Development/ Leadership

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Debbie Hauss, Editor-In-Chief, Retail TouchPoints


Debbie Hauss

Retail TouchPoints

Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

2:10 PM - 2:15 PM Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

Kevin Sakamoto, Product Owner - Web, Lululemon Athletica
Join Us In the TV Page Social Lounge For our Retailer Meet-Up Sessions. Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

Topic: Using Fewer Clicks To Get A Speedier Sale

Kevin Sakamoto

Product Owner - Web
Lululemon Athletica

Track A: Conversion Optimization & How To Beat Amazon

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM The Future is Brick & Mobile: Augmented Reality Beauty Solutions

Wayne Liu, GM & Vice President of Business Development, Perfect Corp

Wayne Liu

GM & Vice President of Business Development
Perfect Corp

Track B: Usability, Testing & User Experience Optimization

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM Beyond Marketing Research vs. User Research: A Call For A Holistic Person-Understanding In Business

Alex Genov, Head of UX Research And Web Analytics, Inc
This talk proposes that traditional corporate silos present a real impediment to a holistic understanding of customers. The new research mindset introduced in this presentation challenges traditional approaches to understanding customers. These assumptions are most obvious in large companies whose bureaucratic structure developed through the years establishes silos and sharp boundaries between understanding people for sales and marketing purposes versus understanding people for product design and development purposes. Once we realize that the final object of our understanding are real people with real behaviors, emotions, motivations, goals, etc., we will recognize that our customer research has to have a common business objective and a co-ordinated and complementary sets of methods across the whole organization.

Alex Genov

Head of UX Research And Web Analytics Inc

Track C: Brand Innovation, Brand Marketing & Creative

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM Getting Off The Promotional Crack

Charlie Cole, CDO, Tumi
The streets of crushed dreams and production are lined with brands who have over promoted to the point where their brand/margin curves were unsustainable.
Particularly in eCommerce, this urge for easy money due to the promotional nature of the customer is hard to avoid – but even harder to recover from. Tumi found itself going down this road for 2/3 years – and upon joining – Charlie had to figure out how to dig out of it.

This presentation will include real life example of the tactics and strategies Tumi implemented, as well as the cultural changes needed to accomplish the goal of getting off of the promotional crack.

Charlie Cole


Track D: Content & Personalization

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM Capitalizing On C2C Marketing For Content Success

Jaime Dennis, Director, Social Media, Too Faced Cosmetics Krysta Brown, Director, Digital Marketing, Too Faced Cosmetics
Too Faced knows how to generate content socially for their brand. Carrie walks through their C2C marketing journey in this kick off presentation.

• Motivating followers to share with their friends your social content, and recognizing those influencers

• Understanding which content followers share and why they share it—which sentiments to capitalize on

• Using social media to offer promotions exclusively to loyal customers, and tracking the special code back to sale for a hard metric

• Capturing the demographics of brand advocates to build personas

Jaime Dennis

Director, Social Media
Too Faced Cosmetics

Krysta Brown

Director, Digital Marketing
Too Faced Cosmetics

Track E: Mobile and Social

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM New Contextual Design for Customer Win

Noah Xu, Mobile Product Manager, Staples
Contextual Design, a user-centered design process, was first invented back in later 1980s. It has been used on variety of industries ever since. But with advent of ever-evolving smartphone technologies and big data, contextual design is given new meaning and applications. At Staples, we keep evolving our apps so they fit into our customer's life. When customer wins, we win.
Card based contextual design: Instead of a Staples dictated page, customer is directed toward a completely personalized card based design experience that matters to them. Based on where customer is, what a customer ordered before, item shipping status, each customer is provided with most relevant information at every mobile moment.
Utility-oriented deep personalization: We learnt so much from our customers, but how can we contribute our learning back to customers so they can get things done quick and effectively.
Aggressive friction removal: From a checkout experience that predicts customer's shipping address to a clean slate on search, we are aggressively removing frictions. You can do it too.

Noah Xu

Mobile Product Manager

Track F: Career Development/ Leadership

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM Aligning Your Brand Talent To Work Across All Customer Touchpoints

Jenna Habayeb, VP, Marketing, Splendid & Ella Moss
It all starts with a big idea. A brand story. Finding that hidden gem within your brand that exemplifies the “why” behind consumers’ passion for your brand. Once found, it’s about amplifying this story at every consumer touch point. Creating excitement, interest and ultimately demand. In this presentation we take you through a journey of finding your brand’s soul, implementing a 360 strategy and creating authentic brand content; all within tight budgets and lean teams. See how Splendid did just this over the past few months.

Crafting a brand story and getting internal alignment (starting within your organization) — The Big Idea

Understanding corporate objectives and assessing your own resources, tools & budgets to build a feasible 360 strategy

Developing a 360 strategy led by digital and social

Creating robust content to tell your story & building the dream team to manage it

Activating your brand experience at every consumer touch point & measuring success

Jenna Habayeb

VP, Marketing
Splendid & Ella Moss

Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

2:15 PM - 2:40 PM Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

Kevin Sakamoto, Product Owner - Web, Lululemon Athletica
Join Us In the TV Page Social Lounge For our Retailer Meet-Up Sessions. Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

Topic: Using Fewer Clicks To Get A Speedier Sale

Kevin Sakamoto

Product Owner - Web
Lululemon Athletica

Track A: Conversion Optimization & How To Beat Amazon

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM The Third Wave: The Experience-Led Business

Michael Klein, Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing, Adobe
For the past two decades Retail and Commerce have been through the first two waves of technology; Back Office and Front Office, as the industry has been digitally transformed by disruptors and multi-channel retailers. We are now moving into the Third Wave, the Experience Wave.

Adobe’s Director of Industry Strategy for Retail, Travel & CPG, Michael Klein will lead a discussion on the Experience Wave. Learn how Experience is helping retailers differentiate themselves in a hypercompetitive marketplace against the disruptors of eCommerce. In addition, Michael will share results from the most recent Adobe Digital Insights reports that highlight the trends and challenges in our industry.


Michael Klein

Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing

Track B: Usability, Testing & User Experience Optimization

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM Behavioral-Based Personalization Applied To Real-Time Shopping Experiences

Michael Osborne, CEO, SmarterHQ Aaron Buchanan, Digital Personalization & Operations, The Finish Line


Michael Osborne


Aaron Buchanan

Digital Personalization & Operations
The Finish Line

Track C: Brand Innovation, Brand Marketing & Creative

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM Competing In The Consumer Age: How Personalization, Identity, And Privacy Converge To Drive Brand Experiences

Sheila Adams, Director, NA Channel and Global Alliances, Gigya Paul Gulbin, Managing Director, Cohnreznick
In the era of the empowered consumer, brand loyalty centers on retailers’ ability to create and consistently deliver compelling customer experiences. But what is captivating to one customer often fails to impress another. Deep insight into each customer’s unique preferences, lifestyle, motivations, and purchase behavior is critical to developing the 1:1 relationship required to consistently re-engage customers and drive top-line performance.
Customer Identity Management is at the center of leading retailers’ efforts to create this holistic understanding of each customer and to craft personalized omni-channel journeys. The key is engaging the customer to develop a digital relationship and establish trust. Consumer privacy is an increasingly essential element of this trusted relationship.
In response, retailers are re-evaluating their identity management, privacy, and governance procedures to build trust and avoid steep penalties in a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape. Global security and consumer privacy regulations challenge compliance efforts, inflate costs, and create brand risk. Retailers must consider:

• The new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective in 2018 and will impose requirements for businesses when they process personal data on EU residents.

• Consumers are increasingly aware of privacy invasion risks, exercising their privacy rights, and taking a more critical approach to service provider selection.

• Attempting to navigate global privacy compliance using legacy registration and data management techniques limits retailers’ ability to build trusted relationships while complying with security and privacy regulations.

Join us for a detailed case study review how one retailer is driving brand loyalty and customer share of wallet by balancing identity and personalization with privacy and compliance.


Sheila Adams

Director, NA Channel and Global Alliances

Paul Gulbin

Managing Director

Track D: Content & Personalization

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM Recipe For Success: Shifting The Focus Of Commerce To The Customer

Brita Turner, Director, eCommerce, Godiva Kurt Heinmann, CMO, Reflektion
Godiva, the premier maker of fine Belgian chocolates, understands the most critical ingredient to eCommerce success – the customer. Today’s shoppers expect a consistent and singular brand experience, regardless of where, when or how they engage. Brita K. Turner, Director of eCommerce at Godiva, knows that doing this effectively requires a deep, real-time understanding of the individual intent and preferences of each customer, as well as a consistent, streamlined user experience at each touchpoint.

Through the combination of a recent site redesign and a new unified engagement platform, Godiva successfully refocused its strategy around the customer. The result is a deeper, more meaningful, more profitable relationship with each of their customers. In this presentation, Turner will detail how refocusing Godiva’s ecommerce efforts around each individual customer drove a 24% increase in site wide conversions and a 28% increase in tablet conversions.

Brita Turner

Director, eCommerce

Kurt Heinmann


Track E: Mobile and Social

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM Digital Risk Impact: The Blind Spots in Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Mike Lee, Director, Product Management, Proofpoint
Every brand is leveraging digital channels to engage audiences and build their brand. The advent of omni-channel marketing across an ever-growing list of digital platforms present opportunities and risks for brands where proliferation of presences leads to fraud and fraud leads to cyber threats that can undermine the ability for the brand to defend its voice and authenticity. We will explore the digital risk blind spots that every brand should be aware of and anticipate with technology, process and human capital.

Mike Lee

Director, Product Management

Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

2:40 PM - 3:05 PM Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

Kevin Sakamoto, Product Owner - Web, Lululemon Athletica
Join Us In the TV Page Social Lounge For our Retailer Meet-Up Sessions. Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

Topic: Using Fewer Clicks To Get A Speedier Sale

Kevin Sakamoto

Product Owner - Web
Lululemon Athletica
As instore digital becomes embedded deeper into the retail experience, it’s never been more important to connect your instore customer experience with the online experience, thereby creating a seamless brand relationship.
These four panelists are making a huge effort to coordinate the online campaign with an offline digital component, and are getting ahead of the competition by:

Sharing order management information across channels for top insights into order process, beginning to end

Establishing real-time collections and publication of product data across channels

Integrating customer data through business plans and objectives for product demand and shipping promotions

Angela Caltagirone

VP Digital & Database Marketing
Williams-Sonoma Inc

Scott Perry

VP Digital
Jeromes Furniture Warehouse

Martin Smiley

Director of Digital Marketing Channels
American Apparel

Carl Fredericks

Managing Consultant - Oracle Maxymiser
Oracle Marketing Cloud

Track B: Usability, Testing & User Experience Optimization

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Captivating Your Customer And Keeping Them On Your Site

Cara Ferguson, Director Search Marketing, Living Direct, Inc. Robert Muzingo, E-Commerce And Online Marketing Director, Joe's Jeans, Inc. Lillian Hammah, Digital Marketing Manager, Brentwood Home
Marketers are continually engaging their customers with relevant and timely content, but the rise of digital has created a fresh spin and way to get ahead of competitors. So, how should your eCommerce content look and feel, compared to last year? And how can marketers balance the quantity and quality of content consumed across mobile, desktop and instore?

Develop clear knowledge of who your customer is, and which content they prefer to consume (

Creating landing pages to wow at inception and examining ways to evoke an emotional response from your customers

Leveraging exciting shoppable content to bring product details to life

Drive customer retention through content generation and management

Cara Ferguson

Director Search Marketing
Living Direct, Inc.

Robert Muzingo

E-Commerce And Online Marketing Director
Joe's Jeans, Inc.

Lillian Hammah

Digital Marketing Manager
Brentwood Home

Track C: Brand Innovation, Brand Marketing & Creative

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM Case Study Revolution: Translating Customer Insights Into Marketing Strategies

Cynthia Kleinbaum, Sr. Director, Performance Marketing, Bonobos, Inc.


Cynthia Kleinbaum

Sr. Director, Performance Marketing
Bonobos, Inc.

Track D: Content & Personalization

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Micro-Storytelling: Building Consumable Content To Engage Customers

Binsen Gonzalez, CMO, Singular Sound Brita Turner, Director, eCommerce, Godiva Jon Bausman, Social Media Manager, Cabela's
Everyone knows that content marketing is a must-have, and that storytelling is the most effective way to engage in content marketing that really matters and resonates with customers. But in a world where mobile is king, channels are multiplying and attention span is fleeting, how do you create brand stories that break through the clutter? Join these panelists as they demonstrate:

Creating consumable content that can be digested by the viewer in a matter of seconds

Recognizing the consumer as a brand advocate as they share micro-content

Collating data around who is sharing what, and what products to showcase based on shares

Binsen Gonzalez

Singular Sound

Brita Turner

Director, eCommerce

Jon Bausman

Social Media Manager

Track E: Mobile and Social

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: The Rise Of Conversational Commerce To Complete The Purchase

Jamieson Yee, Global VP, Product - Fast Fashion, JustFab Kristin Hangebrauck, Director, Product Management, Target Amit Shah, SVP, Online Marketing, 1800 Flowers Jon Panella, VP, SapientNitro
Conversational commerce is the latest buzz. Messaging apps have eclipsed social networks in monthly active users, and this could present a big opportunity to retailers. Our panelists discuss the rise of conversational commerce- what it is, what the future may look like and how to take the first steps

Use chat, messaging and voice to instantly link customers, brands, services and bots

Meet your customers unique needs and translate these into a purchase using a single sentence

Reduce product returns while reducing the cost of traditional customer service channels

Jamieson Yee

Global VP, Product - Fast Fashion

Kristin Hangebrauck

Director, Product Management

Amit Shah

SVP, Online Marketing
1800 Flowers

Jon Panella

In an atmosphere where your eCommerce site and digital channels are living and ever-evolving, you need a team that is all-hands on deck. Silos are now broken—so how do you decipher who is responsible for what? And moreover, who pays for it, and how are the results shared? The experts on this panel will share their answers to these questions, to help you:

Defining collaboration with highlighted individual strengths to build innovative approaches for business goals

Support from senior leadership: setting up mentoring programs and building supportive social relationships

Championing realistic expectations for team members’ responsibilities and team goals…and modifying as needed

Sheila Howell

VP, Marketing
Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies

Kathy Hecht

VP Marketing & Business Development
Silver Star Brands

Mike Janover

Marketing Vice President

Bert Jackson

Director, Digital Marketing
Mattress Firm

Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM Exhibit Hall Retailer Meet-Ups

Kevin Sakamoto, Product Owner - Web, Lululemon Athletica
Join Us In the TV Page Social Lounge For our Retailer Meet-Up Sessions. Get Free Advice You Can’t Get Anywhere Else.

Topic: Using Fewer Clicks To Get A Speedier Sale

Kevin Sakamoto

Product Owner - Web
Lululemon Athletica

Invitation-Only Event

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM Invite-Only Wine Tasting With A Sommelier Hosted By PebblePost

Invitation-Only Event

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM Invite-Only Whiskey & Bourbon Tasting Hosted By KLARNA

Invitation-Only Event

3:05 PM - 3:35 PM Invite-Only Craft Beer Session Hosted By SessionM

Refreshment Break

3:35 PM - 4:25 PM Afternoon Sweets Break In The Exhibit Hall

We're sweet on you for joining us here in Palm Springs during this break find mini delectable treats that you're sure to savor with all your new retail friends.

Track A: Conversion Optimization & How To Beat Amazon

4:25 PM - 4:55 PM IT PANEL DISCUSSION: Checkmarks To Being A Disruptive Customer-Centric Organization

Leslie Leifer, VP, eCommerce and Product Development, 1800Flowers com Greg Bowen, SVP & CTO, Dell Loren Simon, Head Of Digital Marketing, Everlane Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer, Tealium
This afternoon’s panel has a long history of leading major technology rollouts in household brands such as Crate & Barrel, Dell and 1-800 Flowers. But their greatest challenges lie ahead, namely building IT infrastructure that is centered around the customer. Our panelist open their playbooks on:

Building out an eCommerce and IT leadership hierarchy: executive sponsors, operational committees and working teams

Defining new customer KPIs based on lifetime value, retention and service cost

Identifying critical trends that can impact the products you sell and the channels used to sell them

Leslie Leifer

VP, eCommerce and Product Development
1800Flowers com

Greg Bowen


Loren Simon

Head Of Digital Marketing

Jay Calavas

Chief Innovation Officer

Track B: Usability, Testing & User Experience Optimization

4:25 PM - 4:55 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: A/B Critical: Executing Tests To Get Results

Beth Monda, VP, eCommerce, Teleflora Dan Frailey, Chief Revenue Officer, RuMe Mike Dimiele, Director of Marketing, Pampered Chef Ltd Kunal Banerjee, Director, Digital Store Operator,
A/B testing allows you to gain insight to your customers and what they want from your online experience. Not all tests will be winners and they may not have as big of an impact as you hoped. Not all of your winning features may win when they’re put all together, but A/B testing is critical to maximize the potential of the experience your site delivers to customers and its return back to you. Executives discuss:

Putting yourself in the customers’ shoes: testing one feature at a time to improve the buying journey

Playing with variations based on traffic your site receives

Running tests and analyzing the results

Focusing on micro-conversions to achieve macro-goals: small wins that pay big dividends

Beth Monda

VP, eCommerce

Dan Frailey

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Dimiele

Director of Marketing
Pampered Chef Ltd

Kunal Banerjee

Director, Digital Store Operator

Track C: Brand Innovation, Brand Marketing & Creative

4:25 PM - 4:55 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Boosting Your Brand Image And Traffic With A Fresh Design

Anya Geimanson, VP, Brand & Product Management, Glasses USA Brita Turner, Director, eCommerce, Godiva Alex Laney, Director, Product & User Experience,
Keep your customers on your toes. Surprise them with a new online experience. Knowing when it’s time to redesign your website is key…but what elements should you consider? The executives on this panel walk you through how to:

Boosting your traffic, search rankings and sales with minimum back-end headache

Testing, assigning resource and getting ROI on your investment

Testing at scale, tracking guest response and making constant adjustments along the way

Anya Geimanson

VP, Brand & Product Management
Glasses USA

Brita Turner

Director, eCommerce

Alex Laney

Director, Product & User Experience

Track D: Content & Personalization

4:25 PM - 4:55 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Converging Content Across Channels To Enhance The Customer Experience

Daniel Gaugler, CMO, Isamar Batista, Director CRM, JustFab Greg Rice, Manager, Marketing, Newegg Sameer Patel, CEO, Kahuna Lauren Beck, Director, Category Management, Proofpoint
The truth is, there is no direct path to purchase. There are many different touchpoints and you need to test and learn which platforms bring the customer to a point of an informed buying decisions. With different content offering different interactions, building a seamless message is a challenge but not impossible. The executives on this panel share how they build a holistic approach to the customer journey via cross platform story-telling content:

Utilizing content to market across various channels

Quickly creating valuable content that can be used across channels

Deciding which channel is best to begin marketing the content: starting with one channel and filtering through or releasing content all at once?

Determining the best KPIs—to measure the effectiveness of your content

Centrally managing content to increase marketing productivity and improve customer experiences

Daniel Gaugler


Isamar Batista

Director CRM

Greg Rice

Manager, Marketing

Sameer Patel


Lauren Beck

Director, Category Management

Track E: Mobile and Social

4:25 PM - 4:55 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Mobile-First And Customer-Centric: A Hand-In-Hand Combination

Ken Chen, Co-Founder & CMO, NatureBox Stefanie Taylor, Sr Director, eCommerce & Marketing, Sears Holdings Corporation Eli Weiss, Chief Mobile Strategist, B&H Photo
Hear the inside story on how these mobile-first brands are planning their future with the customer at the forefront. You’ll gain invaluable insight into how their mobile programs are performing, how success is defined, and when to go back to the drawing board:

Review the impact (dollar, growth, customer KPIs) across all initiatives that have driven mobile conversion in both your retail and service channels

Implement the latest tracking technology to see when your customer is browsing or buying

Incentivize eCommerce, mobile, product, IT and instore teams to work towards common goals, doing what’s right for the brand at a macro-level instead of a micro-level

Ken Chen

Co-Founder & CMO

Stefanie Taylor

Sr Director, eCommerce & Marketing
Sears Holdings Corporation

Eli Weiss

Chief Mobile Strategist
B&H Photo
eTail is a community where attendees help each other get a leg up in their careers. These roundtables will have a lasting effect on you personally and professionally. Each table has a specific theme—please choose one table to join.

1. Optimizing Your Hiring Approach for High-Volume Recruiting
Lindsay Varney Director of Talent Stitch Fix

2. Owning Your Career: Milestones To Measure And Continually Grow
Andrea Grant, Director of Digital Marketing, Cabela’s

3. Creative Ways To Target (And Inspire!) Good Talent
Patti Clauss, VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Andrea Grant

Digital Marketing Director of Acquisition and Retention Marketing
Cabela's Inc

Lindsay Varney

Director of Talent
Stitch Fix

Patti Clauss

VP, Global Talent Acquisition
Williams Sonoma, Inc.
Okay ladies, let’s get in formation! Listen and be motivated by an accomplished panel of fierce femmes; then, cultivate new friendships with your table group and discuss the issues that were raised on the panel. The panel will be hosted by the CMO of, Nizzi Renaud.

Hosted By:
Nizzi Renaud, CMO, Zazzle

Ivka Adam , Founder & CEO, Iconery
Anishiya Taneja, CEO and Founder, ICON

Nizzi Renaud


Ivka Adam

Founder & CEO

Chelsea Mueller

Head of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce
Cheaper Than Dirt

Anishiya Taneja

CEO & Founder

Andrea Moore

Former SVP, Digital And Ecommerce
Alex and Ani, LLC
After a full day of sessions, your brain can get overloaded. Relax with a glass of wine (or a cold beer) during our casual chats at the end of the day. These sessions are great to not only mingle with fellow retailers, but get real solutions that you can share with your office.

Table 1: Brand Protection: Policing Counterfeits To Reduce Grey Market Distribution
Hosted By: Cody Cho, VP, Marketing and Technology, DITA Eyewear

Table 2: Brand Equity And Evoking Emotion In Consumers Is Key To Surviving The Future
Hosted By: Courtney Connell, Marketing Director, Cosabella

Table 3: Determine The Importance Of Social Based On Your Specific Industry
Hosted By - David Gottesman, Digital Marketing Director, Teleflora

Table 4: Omni-Fulfillment Best Practices
Hosted By: Eileen Meade, VP Omni-channel Strategy and Customer Experience, DICK’s Sporting Goods

Table 5: Logistical Issues With Merging Analytics With Creative To Develop A Smart Strategy
Hosted By: Krista Deshayes, Sr. Director, Marketing , The Saatva Company

Table 6: Putting The “CX” In B2B
Hosted By: Joel Stevenson, Former VP and General Manager - Business Sales, Wayfair

Table 7: Digital Attribution: How Are You Doing It?
Hosted By: Loren Simon, Head of Digital Marketing, Everlane

Table 8: How To Drive Sales At A Prestige Brand When You Can't Discount To Compete
Hosted By: Anna Veit, Director of eCommerce, Benefit Cosmetics

Table 9: The Seller's Journey To China Using Marketplaces
Hosted By: Martin Smiley, Director of Digital Marketing Channels, American Apparel

Eileen Meade

VP Omnichannel & Customer Experience
Dicks Sporting Goods

Cody Cho

Director, eCommerce & Marketing

Courtney Connell

Marketing Director

Joel Stevenson

VP and General Manager - Business Sales

Krista Deshayes

Senior Director, Marketing
Saatva Mattress

Anna Veit

Head of US eCommerce
Benefit Cosmetics

David Gottesman

Digital Marketing Director

Loren Simon

Head Of Digital Marketing

Martin Smiley

Director of Digital Marketing Channels
American Apparel

5:39 PM - 5:40 PM Conclusion of Retailer Hosted Chats

5:40 PM - 11:59 PM eTail Gala Awards Reception

Your eCommerce programs are running like gang busters. Your results are insane. The only thing missing? The industry doesn’t know about it yet! For the last five years, eTail has been honoring the best of the best, recognizing their extraordinary achievements in eCommerce. Past award winners include Staples, Domino’s, Walmart, Sears, The North Face and many more retailers. eTail West 2017 shines a bright light on your success during our Best In Class Awards Reception, at the beautiful Oasis pool. We’ll showcase industry visionaries, rockstars - like you!