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February 27-March 02, 2017


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The eTail West Director's Report 2017

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Omni-channel shopping capabilities can make or break brick and mortar businesses. Smartphones are taking over desktop revenues: by the end of 2015, 40% of eCommerce transactions were done on multiple devices, and are expected to grow 70% by 2017. Retailers need to redesign their online buying experience to reflect the fact that the majority of users visit them via multiple devices. Campaigns must be activated on all devices and all properties fully tagged to leverage mobile and desktop. Frictionless shopping is key.

The 2016 Retail Holiday Readiness Report

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The sizes of the opportunities available to brands during the holidays are mirrored by the amount of competition around them. As more and more retailers compete digitally, the brands that will successfully cut through the noise in their customers’ inboxes and social feeds will need to take the time to invest in an approach that is as personal as it is dynamic. This holiday season, digital marketers are looking to roll out email campaigns that are targeted, personal, and most importantly, meaningful.

Key topics include:

  • When to begin holiday campaigns
  • Popular strategies to improve conversions
  • Benefits of triggered emails

Elevating Advocate Marketing with the Five Types of Referral

Referrals are one of the most powerful channels that your brand can leverage, that is, if you understand how. In this concise report, Extole and eTail walk you through the key takeaways from their webinar on exploring the 5 types of referral. 

Learn what they are, and where each one can be brought to bear for maximum effectiveness when you grab your copy of this awesome new report. 

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Five Insights into the Omnichannel Landscape

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The 2016 eTail East Benchmarking Survey was conducted at the eTail East event, where 98 leaders in multi-channel (58%), pure-play online (35%), in-store only (1%) and other (6%) types of retail were polled to determine the depth of importance omnichannel has for their businesses. This report outlines the five key insights the survey revealed about the omnichannel landscape.

Key topics include:

  • The top metrics retailers are seeing success in
  • How essential omnichannel strategy is to a business
  • The best ways to invest in digital marketing channels
  • Greatest omnichannel challenges facing retailers
  • The most important benefit of omnichannel strategies

3 Keys To International Growth for Retailers

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Recent data from the Centre for Retail Research reveals that online retail will remain one of the main sources for revenue growth in European markets in 2017. Featuring insights from a survey of 79 European retail executives, this data illustrates that retailers are hungry to harness the power of e-commerce to expand into other markets around the world. As the following deep-dive into our survey suggests, it’s up to retailers to identify and seize online opportunities beyond the borders of their primary markets.

Key topics include:

  • Types of retailers that participated in the study
  • Key markets for European retailers
  • Planning and executing expansion into new markets

[Whitepaper] Mobile & The Next Step in Omnichannel Commerce

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2015 was another year of major mobile disruption, as smartphones and tablets further entrenched themselves as key components of the modern omnichannel shopping paradigm. Mobile is an increasingly important revenue channel, and retailers are investing accordingly.

Using proprietary data, this report takes a first-hand look at how brands are approaching the opportunities and challenges of mobile into 2016. Topics include:

  • Mobile technology investment priorities
  • Which mobile touchpoints and strategies are producing the best results
  • How mobile is redefining omnichannel commerce

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for SMB Retailers

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The urgency with which brands are adapting to omnichannel digital commerce reflects the fact that not only are they facing competition across the spectrum of brands large and small, their customers too are increasingly demanding a high standard of cross channel integration. Digital transformation is at the forefront of retailer's efforts in 2016, quite simply because it cannot be ignored.

Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on small to medium business retailers with annual revenues below $100 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with content-based marketing, omnichannel capabilities, and new marketing techniques.

Benchmark Report: Holiday Retail Readiness 2015

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For many retailers, the sales generated during the holiday season represent a disproportionate amount of their yearly revenues, underscoring the importance of their efforts to prepare effectively in advance of peak shopping season. In today’s digital age, the requirement for preparedness extends across a wide range of channels.

In eTail's newest benchmark report, retailers discuss the strategies, technologies, and trends that are shaping their holiday preparations. Check out the report to learn how omni-channel retail is preparing for its busiest time of the year.

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Mid-Market Retailers

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Retail brands are constantly refining their commercial capabilities and marketing capabilities. 2016 is no different, as retailers are shifting their marketing budgets and technology investments to better connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. The goal is simple: to create a seamless, enjoyable shopping experience across the spectrum of digital and offline commercial channels.

Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. This year, Wpromote, Extole and Olapic are concentrating on mid-market retailers with annual revenues from $100-500 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with content-based marketing, omnichannel capabilities, and new marketing techniques.

Exclusive: An Insider's Look at Mobile Innovation in 2016

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In November 2015, the eTail team sat down with Mickey Alam Khan, Editor in Chief of Mobile Marketer and Mobile Commerce Daily, to discuss trends and opportunities for m-commerce and mobile marketing in 2016. Find out on how mobile is becoming the most important enabler of omnichnnel commerce, how brands can better utilize mobile capabilities, and which brands are doing mobile best.

The eTail West Director's Report

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The retail industry continues to evolve at a break-neck pace. Omni-channel capabilities have become table stakes, forcing many brands to re-evaluate their operations. When it comes to influencing the consumer journey, retail brands now understand how content can engage and convert. Meanwhile, the age of big data is alive and well, but brands are working to maximize the insight they gain from that data.

In this year’s Director’s Report, Lori Hawthorne, Director of eTail, analyzes the forces driving retail success and innovation and discusses how the retail landscape is facing major change in 2016.

Why Top Retailers Are Adopting Performance Marketing

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This report benchmarks the digital retail industry including the adoption and management of performance marketing programs such as partner marketing alongside other marketing tactics. The fundamental principle of performance marketing is that all activities should be tracked, measured, recorded and rewarded based on their performance—such as a click-through or conversion. The results analyzed in this report were gathered from survey responses over the summer of 2016 from a large range of executives representing leading retail brands.

Key topics include:

  • Acquisition and Retention Strategy Across Channels
  • ROI & Measurement
  • Spend Across Marketing Channels

How Retailers Can Master Email & CRM

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The key to a good event is getting everyone engaged, and we accomplished just that at eTail East’s Pre-Conference Email & CRM Summit. 

Key topics include:

  • Selecting The Right Systems
  • Using Triggered Messages
  • Successful Content Strategies

[Whitepaper] The Mid-Year E-Commerce Outlook for Large Enterprises

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Thanks in large part to the proliferation of digital commerce channels and new-age technologies, the retail landscape is more competitive than ever. Large retailers with global footprints are under siege by smaller, more agile brands that are seizing competitive advantages wherever they can find them – from more engaging shopping experiences to smoother fulfillment.

Every year, the eTail team surveys its audience to learn about the tools and technologies they're implementing, the goals they're chasing, and the results they're seeing. Concentrating on large retailers with annual revenues above $500 million, this report analyzes how brands are seeing success with mobile, social, and website performance optimization.

[Whitepaper] The Changing Landscape of Omnichannel Retail Marketing

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Retail brands are tirelessly chasing after a new holy grail: smooth, effortless, and enjoyable shopping experiences across all channels. However, the pursuit of great omnichannel shopping experiences can be difficult, requiring significant investment in new technologies and a shift in strategic focus. Let’s face it; it’s extremely challenging to create consistently great capabilities across desktop sites, mobile sites and apps, social media, and a myriad of other channels.

So how are retail brands rising to this challenge? eTail’s latest whitepaper, created in conjunction with RetailMeNot, highlights how brands are reshaping their strategies and investing in new technologies to create the best possible omnichannel experiences.

The paper explores:

  • How mobile is gaining on incumbent technologies as a key commercial and marketing priority
  • How well brands are using data for personalization and predictive marketing
  • How far along brands are in the adoption of next generation digital capabilities, like programmatic marketing


7 Search Marketing Tips for 2017 by NetElixir

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to improve the growth of small businesses worldwide, with over half of business-to-business (B2B) marketers reporting SEM as their most effective paid advertising method. With the number of mobile users on the rise and the amount of time spent on mobile phones increasing, it’s crucially important to understand how to employ SEM tactics so your products and services are optimally marketed in this ever-changing sphere.  

Read NetElixir's 7 Proven Search Marketing Tips in 2017 and find out what you can do to turn all your search marketing goals into a reality this year.

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eTail West 2014 Agenda

Want to know what was covered at eTail West 2014? Download the eTail West 2014 agenda and learn about the keynotes, roundtables, and other on-site activities that made eTail West an unforgettable event.

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Reinventing Retail

One of digital retail’s strongest selling points has been its ability to deliver a highly customized shopping experience — one that consumers almost never find in a brick-and-mortar store. User reviews, expert insights, recommendations based on shopping history: There’s no shortage of online retail operations that offer these services, and their cumulative effect has had a big impression on shoppers.

3Q Digital's Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

By now, everyone (including investors!) knows that Facebook advertising is a viable, profitable digital channel that can stand on its own or work in combination with other channels. Facebook has the power to help you find, build, nurture, and convert new audiences on mobile and desktop. It’s an integral part of every digital strategy – ecommerce, B2C, B2B, health care, education, etc.

2015 Trends in Digital Retail

Retail brands are constantly evolving digitally, shifting their marketing budgets and technology investments to build better strategies that engage and convert.

eTail's 5th annual report on digital marketing trends assesses how marketing budgets and technology investment priorities are changing as retailers continue to develop more targeted, personalized digital experiences. It also explores how brands are using first- and third-party data to create more relevant messages and how mobile is emerging as the nexus of omnichannel retail.

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Package - The Forgotten Channel

Omni-channel retailers use all physical (offline) and digital (online) channels to deliver a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint in the fulfillment of an order. These channels include brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, mobile stores, mobile apps, catalogs, telephone sales and social media, and each of these channels is an opportunity to engage customers with consistent messaging throughout the lifecycle of an order.

6 Tried and Tested Conversion Strategies for eCommerce Managers

6 Tried and Tested Conversion Strategies for eCommerce Managers

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Online Payments Markets Guide 2014

The Online Payments Market Guide 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the online payments ecosystem, mapping out ongoing developments, emerging trends and evolving business models. Thought leaders who have contributed in the Guide have addressed topics which are currently highly debated within the industry, including among others, omni-channel payments, cross-border ecommerce and payments, alternative payment methods, the mobile revolution, privacy and regulation. Also, some of the major industry associations which have provided their valuable input on the state-of-affairs of the online payments and ecommerce ecosystem include the MRC, the European Commission and Time.lex, among others.

Choosing the Right Incoterm for Your Canadian Shipping Strategy

Ask any retailer that ships regularly to Canada what its top logistics and transportation priorities are and you’ll probably hear things like “reducing transit time” or “cutting costs.” You probably won’t hear anyone say: “Choosing the right Incoterm keeps me up at night.”

Gym Source Case Study

Marketers have great products to sell, and lots of customers to reach. But when your CRM is full of phone numbers, how do you reach them via email?   

eTail 2013 Infographic

Based on data collected by the eTail team, this infographic explores where most retailers are planning to spend their marketing budgets, where they are NOT planning to spend their budget, and the percentage of marketing budgets retailers plan to dedicate to social media strategies.

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Ice Cream Retail Chain: Local Search Advertising

Advertising in the quick-service franchise industry is no simple task, especially at the local level. In this case study, Brandify helped a ice cream retail chain in transforming brand presence through the integration of local advertising to drive local brick and mortar traffic. This case study explores the benefits of hyper-relevant contextual ad campaigns, and how brands can make an impact at the franchise level.

The First Screen is Still the Best Screen

Marketing experts have long predicted the demise of television advertising. We’ve heard countless times that TV advertising is simply not sustainable given the growth of online marketing, social, mobile and other forms of digital media. But even though digital and mobile are growing, nothing can match TV in terms of reach. When it comes to reaching potential customers, the first screen is still the best screen, and it’s why spending on TV ads in 2014 will continue to outpace digital video by a factor of 10 to 1 and mobile advertising by a factor of 17 to 1. 

A study by Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) supports what I’ve been telling online retailers when they come to me with questions about their marketing mix; it’s time to get into the TV game. CAB studied the TV investment of pure-play Internet brands during the past five years, finding a direct correlation between TV spend and website traffic and revenue. It’s why, according to CAB, pure-play Internet brands have increased their TV spend by more than one third over the past five years, investing over $4 billion on TV last year alone.For retailers that have focused heavily on digital, now is the time to take a much closer look at TV. It’s critical to the marketing mix, and with the right model and management, TV can provide an effective, trackable and scalable option.

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CTOR Revival

People receive more email than ever, Gmail has tabbed inboxes that make it harder to reach customers, spam is at an all-time high, and… hang on… online businesses are making more money than ever, largely because of their email marketing programs. You might find a doomsdayer who would say that email marketing is dying a slow death. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. One only needs to look to the numbers to uncover the truth that email is alive and thriving. Even more so, email is evolving and advancing in wonderful new ways.

The Future is Proactive

Companies used to rely on the “specialness” of their goods and services to be their key differentiator. Consumers bought—or didn’t buy—based on the features and functions of a product. It’s not to say that the uniqueness of a product or service is no longer important, but the way in which customers now want to engage with your company and the ways in which they make purchasing decisions has fundamentally altered the business-customer relationship.

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How Luxury Brands Are Taking Advantage of Digital

With consumers interacting with brands more frequently than ever before, luxury brands have recognized the need to to leverage technologies that are native to the social, mobile, and connected world. In order to be successful in the omnichannel world, companies must be ready to sell, service, market, and engage with their customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

This whitepaper covers key trends in digital luxury retail, including:
 - How the new wave of digital marketing is transforming luxury retail
 - How brands are leveraging content and social media
 - How luxury retailers are taking advantage of mobile marketing opportunities

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A Guide to Understanding Today's Millennials

Everyone is talking about millennials these days, but we think the primary conversations are missing the mark. So we looked to our data and found a few insights that just might change the way you market to this generation going forward. But first, let’s get to know today’s millennials— who they are (and who they aren’t), what they value and how they behave.

12 Must Haves in Testing and Targeting a Solution

If you are looking for a new web optimization vendor, or checking out testing technology for the first time, make sure you are asking all the right questions. Optimizing the entire user experience can be tricky, and you’ll want to be sure the technology you are selecting can do everything you need. You’ll want to make sure the technology you select can test every part of your site (front-end and back-end) and enable you to run more tests in less time. 

If you are in charge of selecting optimization technology, you are also likely responsible for advancing your company’s optimization culture and creating measurable wins for your marketers, product managers, and developers. Here are some of the questions our customers have asked us over the years; it’s a helpful list to get you started.

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AI Meets Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) today has the power to revolutionize marketing.Not with Wall-E the robot or Watson the supercomputer — although those kinds of first-to-mind applications may indeed have some role to play — but with systems and programs that interact with big data to learn about and respond to consumer needs. But aren’t future-forward companies already gathering data about consumers and applying data analytics to it? Of course they are. The truth is that AI in business and commerce will mainly continue to do what people and analytics are already doing.

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The Power of Reviews

It’s not surprising that technology has opened the door to enable consumers to more easily discover, research, and ultimately purchase products. Ratings and reviews have become a prime source of information for shoppers on their path to purchase. An increasing number of shoppers are relying on reviews as they decide when, where and how to buy. In fact, almost all shoppers—95%—reported consulting customer reviews. Of those shoppers, nearly 1 in 4 (24%) consults reviews for every purchase they make.

Among younger shoppers, those 18-44, that number jumps to 30%. These numbers illustrate that reviews have become ubiquitous and are an expected part of the purchasing process. Consumers search for reviews and will turn to third-party sources if brands and retailers don’t make that information available.

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The Big Book of Digital Marketing

Now is such an exciting time to be in digital marketing. Integrated marketing is all about allowing a brand to tell a digital story to its consumer, and although there will always be room for innovation, new ways to measure and gain insight, we finally have the tools, technology and techniques to seamlessly weave a beginning, middle and end (and an epilogue and maybe a duology, trilogy or more, because really, the customer lifecycle is a constant loop that can always be nurtured). There are a lot of companies in this space that have capabilities to speak fluently to one channel, maybe two. But there are very few that are capable of having a full conversation using multiple channels.

IgnitionOne and Netmining have been trailblazers in the industry, exerting our knowledge first through campaign performance and then through exemplary thought leadership in publications such as AdAge, MediaPost, Digiday and many more. We are so proud to share our ideas and best practices across a vast range of channels, individually and holistically. This collection of articles showcases our successes, learnings, and most importantly, innovation. They are an incredible resource for marketers seeking a useful guide that will help them navigate through a complex and constantly changing space.

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Technology & Retail Spending Outlook Study

This survey, collected at eTail East 2012 in Boston, marked the third year of uncovering “from-the-trenches” ideas about technology spending.

This report analyses the top three external areas on which most retailers are planning to spend their marketing budgets, the bottom three areas where retailers plan to allot budget, and the percentage of marketing budgets retailers plan to dedicate to social media strategies.

Click on the image to download the full copy of the Benchmarking Study!

iProspect - Adidas Case Study

iProspect is a leading global digital performance marketing agency that provides services built around simple, effective strategies that connect with customers across every channel - and grow business in ways that clients can measure. As a global agency, iProspect has a highly-scalable offering with one of the largest agency affiliate teams.

Powerful, Real-time Image Process for Web & Apps

Boost conversions with faster pages & improved images.   

Oct8ne's Sales Suite Guarantees Success

Oct8ne’s guided shopping experience allows you to provide live purchase assistance, personalized product recommendations and cross-sell & upsell opportunities at critical moments when customers tend to abandon the buying process.

A Marketer’s Guide To Seasonal Events That Can’t Live Without Intent

Each year, marketers look forward to seasonal events and prime opportunities that can make an impact with audiences that matter most. Search activity and site-level data are the strongest signals of intent, and are critical elements for digital campaigns aimed at driving new customer acquisition and retention.

Knowing what your customers are looking for early on, and using a historical data trail of intent, can trigger phenomenal results. Online behaviors, such as searching for information or browsing products, have become second nature for many consumers.

Our seasonal resource for intent-driven digital advertising can help marketers capitalize on key themes and consumer activities throughout the year in order to run the most optimal campaigns. In this eBook, we provide trends and behaviors to take advantage of while planning your online marketing programs for the months ahead.

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You're Wasting Half Your SEM Budget

For the last couple of holiday seasons almost all our attention has been on new types of SEM like Google PLAs
(AKA “Shopping Ads”) and to the power of Social Media. Organic? Yeah that’s great for my salad but not so
much for my search strategy. Wrong. Organic is morepowerful than ever — especially when blended withsmarter SEM and Social.

The problem is Paid Search is broken. Product Search
Marketing was built for the era of Google search — the time when internet users turned on a PC, opened a browser and entered a search term in Google. But that era is ending fast.

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Download Now: Updated eTail West 2014 Attendee List

Click to see which VPs/Directors of of retail and ecommerce will be at this year's event and the companies they represent.

eTail is all about networking - we're bringing people together one reception, break, and even video game at a time!

2015 Marketing Technology Predictions

By now every marketer knows that tech budgets for CMOs are forecasted to outweigh that of CIOs. But what most forget is that 2015 is the year Gartner predicted this shift would be seen across enterprise and mid-market companies.The spending shake-up isn’t the only the key trend that every marketer must be aware of when it comes to technology. In this guide to key predictions for Marketing Technology in 2015, you’ll see how this may be the most pivotal year for data-driven customer experiences ever.

The Sailthru 2015 Marketing Technology Predictions Guide is your go-to resource for what’s to come in the next year, and it’s a must have for any brand marketer evaluating or planning to implement new technologies. Key takeaways include:
 - How industry analysts will shift
 - Efficiencies to be found through holistic platforms
 - The fate of “journey building”
 - Which Legacy tech mine-fields will be exposed
 - The future of “mass customization”

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Frictionless Mobile Identity Verification

SecuredTouch provides risk and authentication platform for mobile apps and transactions, that detects fraud and removes friction, using touchscreen gestures analysis.    

Six Best Practices to Improve Your Online Checkout

It’s the biggest problem of online sales: getting customers to complete the purchases they initiate. The numbers are stark: one study calculated consumer cart abandonment at more than 67%.1 What major factors keep customers from completing a purchase? Sometimes it’s the lack of a preferred payment option. It turns out that customers have strong feelings about how they pay. In one study, 24% of online shoppers abandoned their transactions after not finding a payment option of choice.2 Others are focused on security; 21% of customers fail to complete a purchase due to concerns about the safety of their credit card information.3 Yet others, especially mobile shoppers, can become frustrated by overly complex or confusing checkout processes.

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Data Driven Marketing Decisions in the Retail Industry

Data-driven decisions in retail need to rely on more than legacy analytics. In order to consistently make the most informed decisions, retailers need to take advantage of data science. The retail industry is changing quickly and those that adapt to making decisions using modern data science techniques already have a competitive advantage. Modern techniques help retailers understand their consumers’ intent, behavior and purchasing patterns in order to promote the right products at the right price. The following white paper discusses ways to avoid the pitfalls of data-driven marketing by taking a smarter approach.

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Bridge The Commerce - Content Divide

The best brands seek to deliver a truly holistic, unified experience for their customers. They give detailed attention to every aspect of look and feel because they are aware of the importance of every step in the digital customer life cycle. The online commerce experience is no different and demands a high level of integration and unification throughout.

In July 2014, Acquia commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how companies are using online content and commerce platforms to deliver a unified experience in the age of the customer. To further explore this trend, Forrester developed the hypothesis that companies need to integrate content and commerce operations, processes, and technologies to truly deliver cohesive digital experiences that will resonate with customers.

In conducting 153 online surveys and five in-depth interviews with web content management and eCommerce platform decision-makers in the US, France, Germany, and the UK, Forrester found that companies selling products and services online are leaving money on the table due to their failure to unify content and commerce.

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[Whitepaper] Turning Retail Strategy into Reality

For retail organizations with distributed or franchise stores, District Managers play a vital role, serving as the all-important intermediary between corporate offices and individual stores or branches. Engaged, empowered District Managers can be critical assets to retail brands, helping translate strategy into reality.

eTail teamed up with Square Root on a new benchmark report that uncovers the biggest challenges District Managers and retail organizations are facing. The report includes proprietary data from surveys of 900 District Managers, interviews with influential corporate leaders, and actionable insights.

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Top 2016 Email Trends for Retail Marketing

As a retail marketer, you understand every customer is different – from the busy mom shopping for her household to the single bachelor who does all of his buying online. In a perfect world, you could map a new customer journey for every one of your customer types – but very few marketing teams have the time or resources. Mapping a single journey could take weeks or even months, and that’s time away from other value-add marketing activities.

Programmatic Video Advertising

FuelX helps you reach new customers!

Demystify 7 Myths About China's eCommerce Market

China holds a promising market for foreign retailers. Its ecommerce market keeps booming, with the transaction volume of cross-border ecommerce reaching 2 trillion yuan H1 this year, up 42.8 percent year on year. Foreign retailers now face a lot of options to approach this lucrative market. However, it should be noticed that there’s a lot of misreading about China’s distinctive market. Myths about this market have been circulating in the media and internet. Before you decide to penetrate this market, you need to better understand it. This report focuses on 7 myths that are widely held by outsiders. By rendering detailed and expansive analyses, it will help you see through the mist of myths and acquire genuine information.

How Web and Mobile Performance Optimizes Conversion and User Experience

Seconds matter. In fact, it’s not overstating the case to claim that even the smallest delays can collectively translate into significant lost revenue. Millseconds can mean mega-dollars. In virtually every sector of online retailing today, consumers have no time and less patience. 

They want a high-quality, reliable buying experience on your website. Simply put – they want it now. And if you fail to meet those expectations – if you can’t deliver sub-second response times and enable the user to immediately engage with your content, products, and apps – they’re off to visit (and buy from) your competitors. The cliché is true: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. And that trend has only amplified as more users turn to smartphones and other portable devices for their online shopping.

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The Essential Guide to Cross-Border Retail Success

Movement across borders is as simple as getting in a car or on a plane. It’s a seamless, simple experience about which most people devote little thought. For both merchants and consumers, however, the path to online and offline purchasing across borders is still a bumpy one.

WiseGuy's Guide to Online Merchandising

Digital merchandisers are vital today in eCommerce because they are responsible for creating electrifying and alluring experiences that incentivize shoppers to discover and purchase products. Merchandising can be simply described as the way a retailer displays items in their store and their ability to gain and retain a shopper’s attention.

Your Business is Customer-Centric

Consider us the Google Analytics of the entire Internet. Consumers visit millions of websites yet most marketers focus on understanding only one of those websites: their own. To truly understand what drives customer intent and activity, companies need in-depth insight to the rest of the web as well.

Jumpshot is a marketing analytics platform that helps companies understand their customer’s entire online behavior, whether they are on their personal computer or mobile device. With a panel of 115 million users globally, Jumpshot tracks more than 150 billion actions each month.

2014 MOBILE HOLIDAY TRENDS Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index

The Branding Brand Mobile Commerce Index (MCI) is the largest collection of data on retail websites specifically designed for mobile devices. Each month at, the Index identifies commerce and consumer trends across samples of Branding Brand clients in various industries, including apparel, health and beauty, and home goods.
In total, Branding Brand’s platform powers the mobile websites and apps of over 200 major retailers around the world.

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Survival of the Quickest | How web optimization is driving business growth

In the fast moving world of website optimization every second counts – the faster you can respond to the data you have available the more you’ll be able to sell online.

In Summer 2015 Frosmo and WBR Digital surveyed 100 leading retail eCommerce executives in Europe to find out how they are responding to the explosion of opportunity created by the boom in online sales.

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The Ultimate Guide to Personalizing the Consumer Journey

Recent statistics provide a compelling arguments for product recommendations. 85% of consumers are more likely to open their wallets when they can find online recommendations to support offline advice. [Source: Cone Communications]

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Automated Email

This report by Marketing Sherpa offers a powerful case for improving automated marketing practices. The report addresses why the initial email is so important, how to guide prospects through a multi-step process, ways to use urgency and exclusivity to prompt reader action, and tips for avoiding email overload.

Click on the image to download the report now.

Please Note: By downloading this report you are opting in to receive communications from eTail and our partner MarketingSherpa. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Connecting the Multichannel Shopper

Today, people want things faster, better, bigger -- and all for less. Retail shopping is no exception. Brands need an omnichannel approach to reach consumers, build relationships and create touch points throughout the customer journey, both online and offline.

3 Methods for Optimizing Google Shopping Campaigns for Mobile

If you’re waiting for mobile traffic trends to level off, you could be waiting a long time. Consider: Shopping related searches on smartphones grew 120 percent from November 2014 to October 2015, according to Google. And 41 percent of consumers reported that they use their smartphone for shopping research, according to a 2015 study by comScore and UPS.

Download the Infographic: How Retailers are Converting on Mobile

After surveying 210 retail professionals about their mobile commerce strategies, only 38% have seen measurable success from mobile marketing efforts. See why here!

Search CRO Case Study

Improve your clickthrough rates and search rankings byoptimizing findability, relevancy, credibility and usability with eClerx'sConversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solution. CRO increases conversions by up to80%, decreases bounce rates by 23% and increases organic site traffic by 10%.

Does Social Media ROI Exist?

There are various strategies deployed by brands to increase their social media presence online; these strategies are never the same as industries and customers differ. However, online retailers have one thing in common no matter how unique their demographic - they are selling products to customers online. Social media is an obvious extension of this business model, and when investing time and money retailers need to be able to quantify their returns and justify their spend. Yes, social media ROI exsits for online retailers and at Social Annex we have categorized returns into three categories.

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Your Loyalty Program Success Guide

Have you ever noticed how skeptical and tight-fisted new customers can be? For online marketers, it’s a problem that comes with the territory. And the attitudes of new customers and prospects are perfectly understandable. After all, your business probably isn’t on the other side of town, it may be on the other side of the country — or of the world. So each new customer wants to check you out. Test you. Make sure you provide value.

How Augmented Reality is Changing the Landscape of eTail

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging e-commerce technology that leverages the digital ubiquity of the internet and mobile devices to expand and enrich the opportunities consumers have to engage with products and services.

Forbes recently reported that the percentage of sales influenced by smart-phones nearly quadrupled in a single year, rising from 5% to 19% in 2013. The internet is involved in over 70% of purchases that include a store visit either before or after - a figure which serves as testament to the growing connection between the digital and retail spaces. Augmented Reality further strengthens this connection by blending digital content directly into the real world. Leveraging digital cameras and advanced processors, mobile smart devices are now capable of blending Hollywood-like special effects and user interfaces seamlessly into the consumer’s world. The applications of Augmented Reality are diverse and retailers are utilizing it to improve performance along virtually all points in the value chain. As more companies enter the digital economy, a competitive pressure has been established between traditional and online-based retailers to reach customers in new and innovative ways - a topic that is covered in more detail in this article.

The following examples illustrate how companies are implementing AR apps to tap into the digital market and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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The Power of Craft Math

R2C GROUP is a performance-driven creative and media agency with sophisticated, end-to-end marketing capabilities. We link brand strategy, creative and production to dynamic media buying and advanced analytics—achieving unbeatable success for our clients. We have proven that it is possible to deliver on both sales and branding without making sacrifices. We call it Transactional Brand Building.

5 Ways Retailers Can Beat the Competition

The online retail landscape has changed substantially since its inception and across the board, the consumer web has matured into a much more sophisticated e-retail environment. Consequently, competition has ramped up for online retailers, who are competing for their share of a $259 billion industry. With savvier consumers and better technology, integrating and aligning the different parts of your online retail business has become more important than ever.

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10 Steps to Effective A/B Testing – Lifting Sales Conversions with Personalization

Choosing which tools to add to your website to create the best overall customer experience is increasingly difficult. How do these tools really work? How can you tell which tool will help you maximize your return on technology investment? The simple answer—testing. True Fit partnered with Brooks Bell, the leading A/B testing optimization agency, to help retailers navigate the ecosystem of tools and platforms to ultimately make better decisions.
This recent whitepaper describes the importance of building tests to evaluate and verify technology ROI. With 10 easy steps, you can determine which tools are worth the cost and resources. The paper helps you:

Understand and manage the engagement with vendors
Develop a strategy for test implementation and deployment
Ensure the technology vendor test is set up properly
Determine the course for analysis and reporting
To validate the importance of testing, True Fit was tested with a well-known fashion retailer to help it overcome several challenges on its webpage, including load time and differences in implementation techniques. Once the test was complete, the results were fantastic: It “was able to demonstrate — with analytical integrity — that the ultimate value of True Fit’s platform was in getting shoppers to feel confident in completing orders.” In addition, True Fit provided a 5.2% lift in net incremental revenue.
Learn more by downloading the whitepaper to understand the 10 steps to build fair and reliable tests.

How Are Chargebacks Really Affecting Your Bottom Line

Chargebacks cost card-not-present (CNP) merchants millions of dollars each year. CNP merchants should take measures to prevent chargebacks and aggressively work to recover funds lost to chargebacks.Chargebacks occur when a cardholder disputes a merchant charge and a debit is made to the retailer’s account. 

The issuing bank charges merchants a fee for every chargeback received. Merchants with a high ratio of chargebacks may also receive additional fines and or run the risk of losing their payment processing privileges all together.While the chargebacks mechanism was created to protect consumers against fraudulent behavior, some consumers have found that it is easy to dispute legitimate charges –this form of friendly fraud creates a significant financial burden for merchants.

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7 Ways Connected Consumers Are Driving Retailers to Change for the Better

There’s that old saying – the customer is always right. When the retail and service industries originated and popularized the statement, it was primarily about making sure that we were meeting people’s needs in the category. Whiter whites and brighter colors. No more frizz! More peanutty goodness. We still have to execute on those promises, of course, as the need to get the product right is stronger than ever. But there are other sets of needs these days, brought on by the always-connected consumer.

LivingSocial Retail Opportunities

Reach millions of affluent and influential consumers as they search for great offers and experiences on LivingSocial.

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Creating Optimal Customer Journeys With Programmatic Marketing

As consumers jump instantaneously from channel to channel and device to device, retail marketers are tasked with understanding consumers' individual habits and creating consistent and relevant experiences for each of them. The need for personalization has influenced many marketers to turn to programmatic marketing.

Using proprietary research and real-world use cases and produced in conjunction with MediaMath, this white paper explores how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence customer journeys across digital channels.

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Exact Location Digital Marketing

Our GeoCommerce-powered solution bridges the gap between online and offline consumer data, allowing retailers to employ exact location information to build and market to consumers one-to-one wherever they spend their time and money. Delivering a go-forward retail marketing strategy across all of the channels important to your audience is vital to business success.

The Marketer's Guide to Cross-Device Optimization

Equipped with multiple devices, today’s connected consumers switch between a variety of screens to discover, explore and purchase products. This myriad of screen choices has splintered your customers’ path-to-purchase.

In the era of customer-centricity, consumers are also beginning to expect a coherent experience across every digital touchpoint. To keep up with modern buyer behaviour, cross-device recognition is the key to improving your brand’s ability to tie together contextually relevant experiences throughout your shoppers’ journeys.

User-Generated Photo Rights Management

The reason that more and more retailers & brands are establishing a set of best practices for photos rights management is because UGC photos have more applications than ever. Marketers looking to extend their use of customer photos beyond web galleries into advertisements, print catalogs, e-mail, promotions, and other channels need to have a strategy for acquiring explicit rights.

DOMO Knows Retail

Retail is a complex machine. If you don't pay attention to all the moving parts, you'll inevitably end up making costly mistakes. 
Domo enables you to see siloed data from across your entire telco organization- whether offline or online- in one dashboard, in real time, on any device.

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eCommerce Best Practices

After eTail East 2013, we compiled some of the top take-aways from the event for this take-aways report. These tips reflect the broad range of tactical content presented at the conference.

Takeaways cover topics like testing taglines on multiple customer segments to increase email deliverability, getting yourself out of a paid search “slump," transforming transaction focused online platforms into online communities, and pitfalls to avoid during complex technology implementations.

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Search Result Optimization Toolkit

How are your web pages served?

2015 Location Services Report

In the past year, we’ve seen mobile apps gain more and more awareness of their users’ needs as apps make use of new mobile location technology and finally get the hang of location-based targeting. A big part of making sure app users realize the full utility of 2015’s greatest advancements is getting them to turn location services on. So what’s the best way to ask for location permissions? Why do people turn off location services? What role does accuracy play in the mobile experience?

Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics for eCommerce

Is your mobile app marketing delivering to it's full potential? Discover the essential tools, tips and hacks that will drive your mobile marketing in The eCom Marketer’s Guide to Mobile App Marketing. This comprehensive resource will help you easily identify the optimal in-app events you need to measure, maximize your LTV using retargeting, retention and cohort reports, and make use of powerful innovations like multi-touch attribution and omni-channel LTV reporting.

The Convergence of Content Commerce

Your business has settled for far too long. You’ve had to compromise vision, strategy and customer experience because of fragmented, incomplete tools and strained resources. Content and commerce have always had a complicated relationship that is now transforming.

Marketing Resource Management With LAGO

Are you looking for a way to manage all aspects of MRM-from initial planning, to production, publication, and measurement? Do you dream of a dashboard that offers a top-down view from a single, unified system? 

We want to make your dreams come true!

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Maximizing New Mover Revenue

Approximately 1.1 million households relocate annually within the trade areas of a leading soft goods retailer. These high-spending new movers provide an excellent opportunity for the retail chain to acquire new customers, minimize existing customer churn, generate foot traffic, and increase its market share of this lucrative audience (who, on average, spend $8,500 with three months of relocating).

Google Shopping Campaign Trends In 2014 Part 2

GOOGLE SHOPPING CAMPAIGNS: 2014 TRENDS AND THE FUTURE OF GOOGLE SHOPPING [Part 2] At the end of August 2014, Google retired Product Listing Ad campaigns for all advertisers. Now their new and improved product-level search campaigns are known as Google Shopping campaigns. This switch to Google Shopping brings with it many new features for advertisers and search engine marketers. It also creates new issues, work flows, and processes that are different from the previous version of these campaigns (Product Listing Ads). In this comprehensive white paper on Google Shopping, part two of this series, Elite SEM dives right into the latest trends and provides an advanced look at the current state of Google Shopping campaigns, as well as a look into the future of product-level shopping with Google. Download this Elite SEM whitepaper to learn more!

eTail Director's Report

The retail industry continues to evolve at a break-neck pace. Omni-channel capabilities have become table stakes, forcing many brands to re-evaluate their operations. When it comes to influencing the consumer journey, retail brands now understand how content can engage and convert. Meanwhile, the age of big data is alive and well, but brands are working to maximize the insight they receive from that data.

In this year’s Director’s Report, Lori Hawthorne, Director of eTail, analyzes the forces driving retail success and innovation and discusses how the retail landscape is facing major change in 2016.

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Three Ways Shipping Can Improve Margins for Retailers

Retailers are always searching for ways to improve their top line revenue and transaction margins. The three main levers at their disposal—price, cost of goods, and shipping cost—can combine to either make or break the profitability of each transaction. As consumers become more sophisticated in their path to purchase, from “showrooming” within brick-and-mortar stores to conducting extensive price comparison online across retailers, businesses are losing the ability to drive profitability through pricing alone.

Retail Services Index - US

The US has a global reputation for doing everything to extremes and the country’s retail sector is no exception. This is enhanced by a global reputation for incredible service, in addition to giant malls, sprawling stores and world-leading brands.

Referral Marketing Best Practices

As a marketer, you have one goal above all else: acquire new customers. How will you do it? Referral marketing is one of your most effective options. It's the third channel alongside SEO and SEM, and it reaches people who those channels can’t. Instead of waiting for people to search for your brand, it proactively reaches high-quality potential customers through people they trust: their friends who already know about you.

At Extole, we've partnered with over 500 top brands to create referral programs. That's a lot of very smart marketers. They’ve taught us that referrals work best when they’re integrated into a brand and visible cross-channel, cross-platform, in-store and everywhere people can see, hear, and interact with a brand. They recognize that, while a brand may not be right for everyone, almost everyone knows someone who is right for their brand. Follow their example and let people who aren’t your customers introduce you to people who should be.

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Can A Price Promise Transform Sales?

Changing shoppers’ perception of price can transform sales and bottom line performance. Retailers have spent millions on promotions and lowering everyday prices whilst abjectly failing in their objective to shift perception. 

As a retailer, it is difficult enough to change your shoppers’ perception of your own price. That challenge ramps up considerably in changing the perception of your price held by shoppers of rival stores. This however can be essential in building traffic and winning additional share. Price Promises, if executed and communicated well, can shift perception, both increasing loyalty and attracting shoppers from competitors.

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10 Strategies Mobile Brands Use To Win

Marketers are no longer limited to promoting their mobile apps in the abyss of unknown users, hoping that a small percentage installs the app – and an even smaller percentage become customers. Data, combined with performance-oriented targeting, now enables marketers to capture bona fide customers in higher numbers. The starting point is to define your ideal user profile, because you now have more precise ways to reach them based on a range of valuable criteria. The more granular you are in defining your user profile, the more targeted your user acquisition program can be.

Building Creative Content On The Fly

Content Optimization and Personalization programs can deliver tremendous ROI to an organization but tend to be very resource intensive, requiring developers to build the code for alternate experiences and creative folks to generate the content. Many of the content optimization/personalization tools out there today (Maxymiser, Optimizely, Adobe Target, Ensighten etc.) have created WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors to help relieve the code/development bottleneck but the creative bottleneck stubbornly remains.

Personalization - Where are you?

Every retailer wants to provide great experiences for their customers – it’s what makes them become, and remain, customers after all. Increasingly this has come to mean more than having the right product at the right price – as technology has evolved and the number of devices customers engage through has multiplied, so the expectation those customers have in relation to the type of experience they are getting has evolved too.

3 Product Page Case Studies

Product pages are to eCommerce websites what salesmen are to a retail store. If your sales guys are not convincing enough, you will end up losing money. In a similar scenario, the battle for a sale is won or lost at your product page.

Sell Direct To Chinese Consumers

For brands large and small this is perhaps one of the most exciting times to be in retail. With hundreds of millions of consumers in China with purchasing power and a thirst for brands worldwide, now is the time to target them.

Mobile Shopping: The Future of Retail Has Arrived

For centuries, shopping meant traveling to a place of business and exchanging money for goods or services in a face-to-face transaction with the merchant himself. The rise of department stores and shopping malls made the purchasing process more streamlined (many products, and then many merchants, under one roof). The advent of e-commerce in the mid-90s meant that we no longer had to travel to the store, the store came to us in the form of websites where we could add goods and services to a virtual shopping cart and pay via credit card from the comfort of our home or office. E-commerce then gave birth to mobile commerce (or mobile shopping as we like to call it) and now the store doesn’t just come to us, we carry the store with us in our bag or pocket or keep it next to our pillow at night. Mobile shopping enables anyone anywhere to buy anything they want, limited only by access to a smartphone or tablet, an internet connection and the pool of retailers offering mobile shopping experiences.

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3 Things Online Retailers Need To Know About Online Showrooming

Retail executives often shudder at the thought of “showrooming”—customers visiting brick and mortar stores to try on, touch, and feel products before leaving the store to buy the same thing online. These fears are not unfounded. Showrooming often leads shoppers to a cheaper price from a competitor. Plus, with some estimating that 20 percent of online sales take place on mobile devices, customers do not even have to leave the store to buy from a competitor. This sounds like the beginning of the end for brick and mortar shops. Fortunately, this mobile shopping companion phenomenon presents savvy retailers with a generous opportunity to grow both online and offline revenue.

10 Tips For Achieving 1:1 Relationships on Social

We know that every company, who values social marketing, has the same mission - create ROI. For many brands, ROI on social can mean different things - acquiring followers, growing engagement, connecting with the right influencers or generating demand. However, in our experience, getting there is always the same. It comes down to building real connections with real people. The challenge is how to get there and how to achieve a real relationship online. The most successful brands succeed because they excel during each stage of the 1:1 conversation - identifying the right people, finding common interests, starting an authentic conversation, sharing engaging content, and turning followers into customers and customers into advocates.

Event Highlights - eTail West 2014

Check out who and what you missed at eTail West 2014!

Interested in what happened at eTail West last year? Here's your answer!

Get a full view of who attended eTail West and what the best sessions were.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Checkout Process

Improvements to the checkout process provide unparalleled opportunities for driving higher mobile conversions. Surprisingly even multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies fail to implement some of the critical best practices for checkout.

The CMO & The Rise of Social Insights

In the past, marketers were confronted with a lack of timely, insightful data. Today, our CMOs face an entirely different set of obstacles that range from data overload and analysis paralysis to the “always on” consumer. We measure and track activity across multiple platforms—website, organic and paid search, social, marketing automation, CRM—in the quest to be better, smarter marketers and improve return on marketing investment. Though in reality, it is often difficult to find meaningful insights in the mass of data provided by these tools.

Winning At Ecommerce: Why Your Odds Should Be Better Than Winning At Blackjack

It’s a simple fact in online retail that megabrands like Amazon and Walmart employ entire departments and big dollars toward understanding big data. Once they have it, they then leverage it to make customers feel like they’re receiving personal recommendations each time they visit the site; bombarding them with email; and using retargeting to stalk them across the web. Meanwhile only 20 percent of all online retailers actually segment their customer data - so if you’re not in the 20 percent you could get left behind.

So how do you gain the upper hand? Most ecommerce teams need the ability to leverage data, and use it to know their customers. However, most of the analytics tools available today are made for data analysts and people whose passion in life is to string together queries and work in pivot tables to pull the right set of numbers.

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Canadian Brands' Next Steps Into Omni-Channel Retail

Retail brands are constantly evolving, shifting their budgets and investments to build better strategies to connect with consumers across their increasingly non-linear paths to purchase. In 2015, brands are taking the next step in building out their omni-channel experiences to delight and convert.

Produced in conjunction with OSF Global Services, Magento, and Canada Post, eTail Canada’s annual report evaluates the latest trends in omni-channel retail. This paperassesses  how Canadian brands are responding to the omni-channel paradigm and what that means for their inventory management practices. The paper also explores the ways in which retail brands are innovating the in-store experience and leveraging digital marketing tools to develop a fuller picture of their customers and boost revenue.

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Stopping Online Fraud: A New Approach

Trustev is a new approach to e-commerce antifraud. It can increase revenue by 3% by accepting more orders and virtually eliminating fraud. How it’s different from what you have today. Until Trustev, anti-fraud systems were rules-based. They sequentially analyzed a (limited) set of data points and rejected or sent for review far too many transactions.

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The Ascent of Authentic Digital Content

Customer photos are the most authentic and compelling brand assets available today. Thanks to the mass adoption of smartphones and photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, they are also incredibly abundant. Until recently, few brands understood the true depth and breadth of the customer photo opportunity, but as more and more of them begin to incorporate photos into the ecommerce experience, real, measurable results are proving that visual commerce is changing the way we shop.

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Navigating the World of Cross-border Payments

The multi-trillion dollar a year cross-border payment industry is expanding at an annual rate of more than 10 percent and is in the process of fundamental change. The industry previously dominated by traditional correspondent banking relationships is shifting as more nimble Payment Service Providers enter the market with innovative alternative payment methods that compete with the traditional offerings on both cost and quality of service and address many of the major challenges initiators are facing.

Best Practices Guide to Create a Winning Loyalty Program

A good loyalty program must reflect the interaction paradigm of today's shoppers. Modern consumers don't just buy from businesses - they also share their opinions on Facebook, tweet about their experiences, share pictures on instagram, write reviews, ask/answer questions, recommend products to their friends and more. A modern day loyalty program should enable you to reward users for not just purchases, but for all-round, 360 degree engagement.

Enterprise Edition Scalability

Broadleaf Commerce (Broadleaf) provides companies with a platform for building high performance commerce solutions. Based on best of breed open source technologies including the Spring framework, Broadleaf was designed from the ground up to be extensible and scalable for businesses and institutions requiring a mission critical eCommerce solution.

State of Ecommerce

At eTail East 2013, we fielded more than 125 retailer surveys in order to uncover technology spending habits from a number of verticals, including but not limited to; apparel, sporting goods, consumer electronics, travel and hospitality, mass market retailers, as well as specialty/niche. What are retailer thoughts on conversion rates? Social and mobile trends?

Find out by downloading this free report.

Transforming Big Data Into Smart Advertising Insights

When it comes to where and how to invest their digital advertising resources, today’s marketers have more choices than ever. From display banners and mobile apps to email promotions to social
media campaigns, the options available for engaging with consumers are diverse, varied and continually evolving.

But while digital opportunities may be numerous,marketing budgets have limits. Now more than ever, decision makers need ways to quickly assess what’s working and what’s not so they can intelligently allocate available spend. This requires
more than instinct and intuition. 
Data that provides accurate, rich, real-time insight into digital campaign performance is needed.

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Marketing In The Moment

Contextualization, as a concept, seems simple: it determines the conditions and the meaning in which something happens. Well, it’s not that simple when you factor in time, place, circumstances, background and environment into a particular situation – suddenly context becomes overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the tools to understand it. When it comes to retail and the shopper experience, context has become everything. It is the key to delivering powerful, personalized messages to your customer – both offline and online.

The Retailer's Personalization Vendor Selection Guide

Finding the right personalization or optimization vendor for your online store can be a major challenge, but it won’t be if you know exactly which questions to ask. A new ebook by Dynamic Yield, provides answers to 23 questions you need to ask when choosing a personalization vendor.

The New Customer Journey: Building Brand Advocacy Across the Visual Web

Every day, more than 1.8 billion images are shared across the social web.1 This steady and powerful stream of visual content is changing the way consumers discover products andbrands, transforming previously transactional relationships into emotional ones.

Increasingly, the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers are being won on visual social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. On these networks, consumers curate the products they wish to own and brag about the products they’ve bought – visually. And on these networks, the next brand is just a click away. In this environment, what’s at stake isn’t just short-term revenue, but also long-term relevance.

The visual web is making it more and more difficult for the brands of today to stay relevant to the consumers of tomorrow. However, the visual web is also creating opportunities for brands to forge deeper relationships with consumers at scale. This paper will illustrate how the visual web is extending the customer journey beyond the walls of the brand, and in response, how forward-thinking marketers can influence the journey to drive brand affinity, social engagement and revenue.

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7 Essential Personalized Emails for E-Commerce

For Retail & E-Commerce companies, email is a very important marketing channel. Email accounts for 14-17% of digital marketing budgets , second only to search marketing budgets, and drives a higher share of revenue relative to spend. However, marketers are often frustrated about the poor response rates from email. The typical e-commerce email only drives 0.1-0.2 orders per 1000 emails sent, assuming an open rate of 20%, a click rate of 20% of opens (or 4% of sends), and a 2.5-5% conversion rate.

Automating E-Commerce Content Creation

What if e-commerce product descriptions could mirror the techniques of the best human salespeople in the world? After attentive listening to the buyer’s needs, great salespeople present their merchandise in a way that covers the product’s specific attributes in an engaging style that is aligned with the store’s overall brand experience.

Google Shopping Campaign Trends In 2014

GOOGLE SHOPPING CAMPAIGNS: AN OVERVIEW AND INTRODUCTION [Part 1] Many users online are searching for specific products or product-level categories when entering queries. Online brands and advertisers are looking to sell specific products from their online stores. Google Shopping Ads provide a seamless experience that connects e-commerce advertisers with the people looking for those products through pictures and the Product Listing Ad units on the search engine results page. Part one of this two-part Elite SEM Google Shopping white paper will introduce you to all of the basic principles and background information needed to fully understand Google Shopping campaigns. Download this Elite SEM white paper to learn more!

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Turn Shoppers Into Buyers: 20 Ways Retailers Do Web Personalization

A real-time customer website interaction is similar to an in-store
one-on-one interaction. Whether online or in the store, the goal
is to close the sale. Just like a salesman gathers information from
customers through a conversation, your website gathers information
through visitor actions and behaviors. As you understand more about
your potential customers, you can fine-tune your responses, and
engage and better educate them on the offerings that are relevant to
each person. It’s time that your website drives these conversations.

There are so many ways to utilize real-time personalization, but what
does it look like? In this eBook, we will show you 20 ways to do
real-time web personalization so that you can turn shoppers into
buyers – and create brand loyalty and repeat purchasers.

Click image on the left to download the whitepaper now.

The Evolution of Advocacy Marketing

Marketing has undergone vast amounts of change over the last few decades. It seems as though the moment one tactic is conquered a new one takes its place. Outbound marketing efforts began with print advertisements, which quickly turned into radio and television ads. The rise of internet marketing brought us to digital ads, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing. Now we are in the middle of a massive upheaval of strategies we once saw as tried and true due to the growth of social networks and smartphones.

Click image on the left to download the whitepaper now.


eTail Webinar: Drive Revenue and Re-Engage Customers with Email

eTail Webinar: Drive Revenue and Re-Engage Customers with Email

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Unique Vintage and Bronto Software will lay out the:

  • Learn how abandon cart messages can increase revenue and conversion rates
  • Practical planning guides for holiday marketing
  • Hear how Unique Vintage leveraged different email marketing techniques to re-engage customers and drive revenue


  • Courtney Lear Wallace, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Director of Unique Vintage
  • Joe Stickney, Manager of Demand Generation at

6 Ways to Improve your Mobile Checkout Process and Convert Customers

6 Ways to Improve your Mobile Checkout Process and Convert Customers

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Baymard Institute and Moovweb will lay out the:

  • Common errors that lead to high cart abandonment rates
  • Best practices for reducing friction and increasing conversions
  • Techniques for instilling trust and confidence among your e-commerce customers


  • Jamie Appleseed, Co-Founder of Baymard Institute
  • Haresh Kumar, Vice President of Marketing at

The Next Generation of Referrals: Everyone, Everywhere

The Next Generation of Referrals: Everyone, Everywhere

By viewing this on-demand webinar, Extole and Advanced Auto Parts will walk you through:

  • Referrals throughout the entire customer journey
  • Real-life API use cases
  • The Advance Auto Parts program
  • How Extole supports you


  • Heath Bradbury, Manager, Digital Marketing & Innovation at Advance Auto Parts
  • Jen Gray the Director of Marketing at Extole