eTail West 2017

February 27 - March 02, 2017

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Day 1: Omni-channel & Online Growth Strategies

10:50 AM Keynote: Mobile Commerce And Millennials - The Next Step In The Evolution Of The Wholesale Shopping

Technology has forever changed the way we live our lives, whether it's how we choose to receive our news online, make our doctor's appointments, even how we book travel.  No one embraces these changes quite like Millennials.   The next generation of shoppers are increasingly moving away from the brick and mortar store model, in favor of the convenience of shopping from their handheld device.  In a recent nationwide survey, over 90 percent of Millennials report making purchases on their smartphone each month, and advancements in technology have even changed how we shop in bulk for everyday essentials. Boxed Wholesale was created specifically for consumers for the following reasons:

Save time - Today's shopper don't want to commit to spending half their day traveling to a brick and mortar wholesale shopping club, waiting on long lines to check out, then traveling back home, only to spend more time unloading the items.

Save money - Boxed offers large-sized items and quantities, with wholesale pricing (without charging a shopping club annual membership fee) for those who understand the savings come when you buy in bulk.  

Convenience - With Boxed, you can order anytime ,from anywhere, right on your smart phone or computer....and orders are shipped to your doorstep.  Boxed does all the heavy lifting....and packages come in 2 days or less.

 Chieh Huang Chieh Huang 
Boxed Wholesale