eTail West 2017

February 27 - March 02, 2017

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Pre-Conference Summit: User Experience Optimization & Merchandising - Give what the user wants. And make it a top-notch experience.

Monday, February 27th

The key to good and profitable retailing is presenting product based on customer behavior. There is a need for frictionless buying from discovery to checkout to move the product. We cover both merchandising and UX topics in this summit to really boost your bottom line.

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8:25 AM Networking Breakfast & Registration

Good morning! Time to fuel up for an immersive day of learning.

8:55 AM Welcome Remarks & Benchmarking Study

Welcome to eTail West 2017!

9:05 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Amanda de la Motte, Sr. Product Manager, Cognitive Scale

Nij Chawla, Chief Product Officer, CognitiveScale

 Amanda de la Motte
Amanda de la Motte
Sr. Product Manager
Cognitive Scale
Amanda de la Motte is currently a Senior Product Manager for Cognitive Scale where she oversees the strategic vision and product execution for the Commerce vertical.  She is also responsible for supporting the global enterprise sales team throughout the duration of client engagements.  

Prior to joining Cogniti ...[Read More]

 Nij Chawla
Nij Chawla
Chief Product Officer
Nij (Neeraj) Chawla serves as Chief Product Officer for CognitiveScale. In addition, he is also heading up Market Development of innovative cognitive solutions into a number of industry verticals (Healthcare, Retail) and process horizontals (Service Desk, Procurement). Finally, Nij heads up Enterprise Sales leadership for the company.

...[Read More]

9:20 AM Keynote: Creating Seamless CX: Leveraging Data And Technology To Bridge The Physical And Digital Divide

Dominique Essig, Chief Experience Officer, Bonobos

There has been a shift in retail, and the expectations on the customer experience are higher than ever. Understanding how to utilize data in your organization to create seamless experiences across digital, mobile, and in-store needs to be a priority. Dominique showcases how Bonobos leverages data to:

Sharing data across teams in an organized fashion

Make fast, educated decisions that have a positive affect on business

Maintaining a focus on the customer while implementing experiences swiftly

 Dominique Essig
Dominique Essig
Chief Experience Officer
VP of Product Management and Customer Experience, Dominique joined Bonobos in November 2015. She oversees the Product Management, UX Design, Engineering, E-Commerce Operations, and Customer Service (Ninjas) functions. 

In her current role she is responsible for product strategy, product implementation, and cust ...[Read More]

9:45 AM Keynote: Do Merchandisers Have A Role In A Personalized World?

Monal Patel, SVP & CBO, Unbxd Inc.

From insights drawn from over 8 billion data signals - learn what the building blocks to true personalization are, and what role can merchandisers play.
 Monal Patel
Monal Patel
Unbxd Inc.
At Unbxd, Monal helps eCommerce companies solve their problems and create growth by providing new and better approaches to decision making. Monal has 15+ years of experience in the software & retail industry and is a seasoned speaker at major eCommerce events like Etail West,  Mivacon,  Fashion Digital,  Etail East etc.
...[Read More]

10:10 AM Keynote Case Study Revolution: Learning To Unlearn: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Andrea Blades, Sr. Director, Global eCommerce & Product Management, Vistaprint

Erin DeCesare, VP, Technology, CIMPress

Innovation and change in eCommerce is becoming the norm. Customers are shifting patterns, devices and needs. eCommerce roles are converging and changing underfoot, teams are demanding empowerment and a whole new style of leadership, and Agile has turned your world of project management upside down. Join two eCommerce leaders from Vistaprint as they walk through their recent cultural revolution - how they survived and how they came to be more excited than ever on where they are headed. After a short overview, they’ll throw the ball in your court, in small group discussions focusing on how you’re tackling agile.

•    How Agile turned their world upside down, forced them to forget everything they’ve learned so far

•    Taking you on a journey to define Product Management in eCommerce – and how it’s working at Vistaprint

•    The payback: Motivated teams, innovative solutions, and getting things done faster and better than ever
 Andrea Blades
Andrea Blades
Sr. Director, Global eCommerce & Product Management
Vistaprint - a Cimpress company - specializes in online customization of marketing materials for small businesses around the world. Andrea looks after Product Management and Site Merchandising, leading the charge to revolutionize the customer experience and site merchandising strategy as the product assortment explodes by 100X.
 Erin DeCesare
Erin DeCesare
VP, Technology
As Vice President of Technology at Vistaprint, Erin DeCesare leads a team of global engineers that deliver the online experience for Vistaprint’s 16 million customers. Her areas of responsibility include digital marketing, user experience, commerce and business intelligence. Currently, Erin is leading an effort to re-architect Vistaprint’s cus ...[Read More]

10:35 AM Keynote: Testing for Success

Aaron Magness, CMO, Betabrand

Innovation and change in eCommerce is becoming the norm. Customers are shifting patterns, devices and needs. eCommerce roles are converging and changing underfoot, teams are demanding empowerment and a whole new style of leadership, and Agile has turned your world of project management upside down. Join two eCommerce leaders from Vistaprint to talk through their recent cultural revolution. How they survived and how they came to be more excited than ever on where they are headed. Key takeaways include:

How Agile turned our world upside down, forced us to forget everything we’ve learned so far. 

Our journey to defining Product Management in eCommerce – and how it’s working for us.

The payback: Motivated teams, innovative solutions, and getting things done faster and better than ever.
 Aaron Magness
Aaron Magness
Aaron has worked in eCommerce for 15 years with customer focused brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Zappos, and Betabrand.  He is a proven leader with oversight of Marketing, eCommerce,  PR, Social Media and Business Development.  He received his BBA from University of Wisconsin – Madison with a double major of Marketing and Manageme ...[Read More]

11:00 AM Coffee & Refreshments

11:30 AM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Reconsidering Conversion Optimization From A UX Perspective

Mike Olson, Sr. Director, Online Experience, Beachbody

Christopher Daly, VP, Head of Experience & Product Design, Sotheby's

Erin Pilawski, Senior Product Manager, UX/eCommerce, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

UX first. Design second. And that’s how you will easily convert, right? It’s not so black and white, and these executives discuss with you best practices as to how to measure interaction with your brand to better enhance your online experience and products showcased. Topics covered for discussion include:

•    Exploring options for conversion rate optimization

•    Recognizing that a  focus on your UX design and conversion rate optimization will help obtain more qualified traffic

•    Concentrating on retention and converting more qualified traffic using effective usability testing
 Mike Olson
Mike Olson
Sr. Director, Online Experience
Former full time radio jock, first designer of the ESPYs site, and mooned Oprah Winfrey and a crowd of 10,000 people… accidentally… Only one of those things is not true, you’ll have to decide which one. Mike runs a small-but-mighty testing team for Beachbody, helping them realize double-digit testing gains on many of their web properties over the p ...[Read More]

 Christopher Daly
Christopher Daly
VP, Head of Experience & Product Design
Chris is the Head of Experience and Product Design at Sotheby’s and has built a career of nearly 20 years in user experience & product design, strategy, & execution. Having worked extensively both client side and in agency and consultancy environments, Chris has lead work and built teams at notable shops like AKQA, BBDO, Isobar, Publicis, and ...[Read More]

 Erin Pilawski
Erin Pilawski
Senior Product Manager, UX/eCommerce
Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
Erin Pilawski is the user experience and information architecture lead specializing in eCommerce at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. She has spent nearly nine years in digital experience design roles, developing a laser focus on building user-centered strategies that move the needle for organizational metrics. Erin holds a BFA in com ...[Read More]

12:10 PM How CGI Can Transform Your Business

John Costello, Head of Digital, eClerx

Hear about the latest trends in usability during this dynamic session. Our speaker will present with a retail client.
 John Costello
John Costello
Head of Digital
John Costello leads the Americas business unit at eClerx Digital, where he takes consolidated responsibility for client engagement and business development.

John has over 20 years’ experience in general management, eCommerce, digital media and marketing. Prior to joining eClerx, John ran his own digital consulting b ...[Read More]

12:45 PM The Price is Right: Using Testing to Refine Your Pricing Strategy

Sean Fisher, Director, eCommerce, Signature Hardware

Learn how a top internet retailer uses data and technology to set the right price for every product. Find the right balance between margin and volume through demand curve pricin and understand the unique challenges of pricing for private label forces a focus on the customer rather than the competition.
 Sean Fisher
Sean Fisher
Director, eCommerce
Signature Hardware
Sean leads strategy for eCommerce, analytics, and digital marketing at Signature Hardware, a rapidly growing retailer of kitchen, bath, and home fixtures based in Erlanger, KY. Prior to working at Signature Hardware, he worked as a digital analyst for Empower MediaMarketing, providing data-focused analysis and testing strategy to brands such as U.S ...[Read More]

1:10 PM Lunch & Networking For All Attendees

Be sure to move around tables to make new connections!

2:05 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Evolving Your Site Merchandising Strategy To Engage And Convert Customers

Meredith Wollman, Manager, Customer Marketing, Mattel

Courtney Maglaras, Director, Site Merchandising and eCommerce Operations, Nasty Gal

Matt Sartor, VP, Client Services, Edgecase

Kelly Mazanti, Product Manager, Global eCommerce Sales Enablement, Staples

For top online merchandising strategies, you must make the experience feel one to one. The customer has to feel like they are interacting with a personal salesperson, and real-time technology can make this happen. The experts discuss on this panel the trials and successes they have to present the best products for each customer:

Looking at navigation from the homepage to personalize the experience

Moving customers through the funnel and into the flow of site easily to engage and convert them

Targeting customers differently and providing different products depending on their preferences

Examining your success metrics (conversion rates, revenue per visitor, engagement levels

Optimizing your configurator experience to identify the optimal number of products to show customers

 Meredith Wollman
Meredith Wollman
Manager, Customer Marketing
Over 25 years coaching teams to achieve accelerated growth by building and sustaining relationships to drive revenue, increase market share, and develop brand awareness across digital platforms.

Experienced with both early stage and mature companies across a variety of industries.

...[Read More]

 Courtney Maglaras
Courtney Maglaras
Director, Site Merchandising and eCommerce Operations
Nasty Gal
Courtney started working at in December of 2009 but her third year the Site Merchandising team was created and she was able to start doing so much more to respond to a vast and growing business. Throughout her different positions with the organization she had many great mentors and learned an immense amount of knowledge about ...[Read More]

 Matt Sartor
Matt Sartor
VP, Client Services
Matt brings over a decade building world-class client teams across Digital Agencies, eCommerce and SaaS organizations to his role as VP of Client Services for Edgecase.  His team ensures that Edgecase clients are empowered with the enriched product data and insights necessary to grow and to fuel inspiring shopping experiences.
 Kelly Mazanti
Kelly Mazanti
Product Manager, Global eCommerce Sales Enablement

2:45 PM Transforming Your Site Merchandising Strategy To Drive Conversions

Charis Marquez, Director, Site Merchandising, Levi's

How do you utilize site merchandising to drive your brand?  What phase is my site merchandising strategy in and what are the key elements of each phase?  In this discussion, we will look at how retailers: 

Define success in Site Merchandising

Engage members through content and functionality

Think about prioritization within your strategy
 Charis Marquez
Charis Marquez
Director, Site Merchandising
Charis Márquez is Director of Site Merchandising for Levi Strauss and Co.  Prior to joining Levi's, Charis was the Director of Digital Merchandising for  Prior to joining Sam’s, Charis spent 17 years with Sears Holdings in varying roles in Product and Program Management, Finance and Operations.  Most recently, she was the Head of E-Co ...[Read More]

3:10 PM Afternoon Coffee & Refreshments

3:40 PM PANEL DISCUSSION REVOLUTION: Focusing On Usability Testing To Enhance Your Site Experience

Ross Higgins, Director, User Experience and Design,

Haley Nemann, Director, Digital Experience, Crocs

Adam Sant, Sr. Director, User Experience, Dollar Shave Club

Function first. Form second. Or is it vice versa? The executives on this panel zero in on how they are looking through the customer perspective to ensure the experience meets their expectations.  They present tactics in today’s test and learn environment by:

• Structuring your tests and determining what resources will be needed to execute them 

• Thinking about internal communication around your test results 

• Considering ROI from a UX perspective 

• Figuring out the best KPIs to measure the results of your tests

 Ross Higgins
Ross Higgins
Director, User Experience and Design
Ross Higgins leads Newegg's global design and user experience. He and his team are responsible for defining the way users interact with the U.S. tech-focused e-retailer, and for designing the web, mobile and app user interfaces. A strong advocate for user experience within Newegg, Ross constantly evangelizes a user-centric design that employs moder ...[Read More]

 Haley Nemann
Haley Nemann
Director, Digital Experience
Haley joined Crocs, Inc in 2011 as the Global Manager of User Experience to direct the domestic and international eCommerce user experience strategies for the Crocs global desktop, mobile and tablet online properties. 

In addition to driving Crocs’ global UX initiatives, Haley is also responsible for innovating ...[Read More]

 Adam Sant
Adam Sant
Sr. Director, User Experience
Dollar Shave Club
Adam leads experience design (ux) and user research at Dollar Shave Club.  Working across all platforms, from advertising, apps, web to the physical box experience.

Adam has a masters degree from Stanford University’s D. School.   He has previously worked at Deutsch inc and CP+B where he led Experience Design effort ...[Read More]

4:20 PM Reshaping Your Digital Mindset

Greg Banks, VP, Marketing, Hubert Co.

What do Kodak, Blockbuster and Nokia have in common?  Strong businesses that did not adapt to change and quite simply could not survive.  One of the key initiatives in helping rebuild, or survive, the digital platform is to reshape the digital mindset.  For those firmly entrenched in the world of digital, this may not be for you.  For those that are in the midst of the digital revolution, you will get a glimpse at some transformative “mindset” workshops, including:

The world of digital density: The disappearance of the Internet

Understanding digital strategies: Data

Speaking the language 

Today’s methodologies: Bi-modal organizations

The digital native

 Greg Banks
Greg Banks
VP, Marketing
Hubert Co.
Greg Banks has 20+ years of experience developing visionary leadership across a broad spectrum of industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications, food service and food retail.  From mergers and acquisitions to pure business strategy, one common theme has been cultural development through employee mindset.  More recently, he has been i ...[Read More]

4:45 PM Conclusion of User Experience Optimization & Merchandising Summit

5:15 PM Cocktails & Conversations (Retailer-Only)

Zachary Belinsky, VP,

Krista Deshayes, Sr. Director, Marketing, Saatva Mattress

Min Cho, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing,

Bendee Anzures, VP, Customer Database Marketing, Beachbody

Michael Broukhim, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Fab Fit Fun

Daniel Broukhim, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Fab Fit Fun

Jose Nino, VP, eCommerce & Marketing, Perry Ellis International Inc

Connect With Retail Peers From Similar Sized Organizations. After a full day of tactical takeaways, your brain can get overloaded. Relax with a cocktail during our casual chats at the end of the day. Connect with retail peers from similar sized organizations and get real solutions you can share with your office.

1. 0-25 Million in online revenues roundtable – Hosted By Zachary Belinsky, Vice President, Village Hat Shop
2. 25 – 100 Million in online revenues roundtable – Hosted By Jose Nino, VP, eCommerce Marketing, Perry Ellis
3. 100 – 500 Million in online revenues roundtable – Hosted By Krista Deshayes, Sr. Director, Marketing , The Saatva Company
4. 500 Million+ in online revenues roundtable – Hosted By Min Cho, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing,; Bendee Anzures, VP, Customer Database Marketing, Beachbody
5. Disruptor & Start-up roundtable- Hosted By Michael Broukhim and Daniel Broukhim, Co-CEO & Co-Founders, FabFitFun

 Zachary Belinsky
Zachary Belinsky
Zachary Belinsky hat been VP of for over 3 years.   Zachary has found success through focusing on classic core competencies. That is, providing the right product at the right price and providing an superior customer service. He believes tech partners should augment and not replace these basic merchant principals. 
...[Read More]

 Krista Deshayes
Krista Deshayes
Sr. Director, Marketing
Saatva Mattress
Krista Deshayes is the Director of Marketing for The Saatva Company.  She joined the company in 2014 and has successfully helped expand The Saatva Company’s growing family of brands that now include Saatva Mattress, Loom & Leaf, and Zenhaven.

She and her team employ complex digital marketing strategies for continued growth.  They lev
...[Read More]

 Min Cho
Min Cho
Sr. Director, Digital Marketing
Min Cho is Senior Director of Digital Marketing at, leading an in-house consumer acquisition team running search engine marketing, social and display campaigns. In addition to paid campaigns, he is also responsible for the Santa Monica division’s P&L, analytics, operations and general management. Prior to joining in 2008, Min led ...[Read More]

 Bendee Anzures
Bendee Anzures
VP, Customer Database Marketing
At Beachbody, Bendee is responsible for lifecycle marketing programs to its customer database of fitness and supplement brands which include P90X®, 21 Day Fix® and Shakeology®.  She has championed best practices in the email channel, particularly around segmentation, testing, personalization and mobile.   Prior to Beachbody, she held product market ...[Read More]

 Michael Broukhim
Michael Broukhim
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Fab Fit Fun
Michael Broukhim is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FabFitFun, the world's largest full-size lifestyle subscription box company. Backed by New Enterprise Associates and Upfront Ventures, FabFitFun inspires happiness and personal growth through discovery.

Prior to FabFitFun, Michael was Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Charlie (formerl
...[Read More]

 Daniel Broukhim
Daniel Broukhim
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Fab Fit Fun
Daniel Broukhim is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of FabFItFun a woman’s lifestyle brand that inspires happiness and personal growth through discovery. Prior to starting FabFitFun, Daniel co-founded Charlie, a media agency that did client services work for political and entertainment clients, as well as having spent time working in the hedge fund and te ...[Read More]

 Jose Nino
Jose Nino
VP, eCommerce & Marketing
Perry Ellis International Inc
Jose Nino is a multichannel, Google certified, senior level e-commerce and digital marketing executive with over 15 years of experience in the startup, development and management of results oriented e-commerce marketing, technology and operations. A Brand Innovators "40 under 40", he has presented at numerous domestic and international industry con ...[Read More]

5:59 PM Conclusion of Cocktails & Conversations

6:00 PM eTail Vintage Carnival Reception

Roll Up! Roll Up! We’re stepping back in time to the eTail Vintage Carnival. Play Ring Toss and Spill The Milk before visiting the Prize Stand to claim your winnings. Eat popcorn and gasp in amazement as jugglers, stilt walkers and other live carnival acts light up the front lawn. And the party doesn’t end there; food and drink is served throughout the evening, with an old time photo booth ready to capture all of tonight’s memorable moments.

7:00 PM Registration Closed

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