eTail West 2017

February 27 - March 02, 2017

JW Marriott, Palm Springs, CA


Day 2: The Digital Revolution - Your Next Steps

9:55 AM KEYNOTE PANEL DISCUSSION: The Evolving Role Of The CIO: The New vs. The Old

This keynote session is all about role that IT plays in the success of your retail business.  It is crucial that there is alignment across departments, as they are foundational to eCommerce.  We’ll look at the way that the role of CIOs has changed as the role of eCommerce changes within organizations, and how advances in technology is powering these changes.

Adopting new thinking around the role of the CIO as it changes (aligning with marketing and eComm, customer experience, revenue growth opportunities)

Working with internal digital and eCommerce teams to evaluate potential partners, rate negotiations, and train staff on project management 

Sourcing and distributing accurate customer data to assist in marketing programs 

Looking at the way that technology is revitalizing how you think about digital retail 

Examining the future of retail technology and opportunities to capitalize on them

 Eduardo Frias Eduardo Frias 

 Anishiya Taneja Anishiya Taneja 
CEO & Founder